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Maricopa County will begin mailing early ballots on July 8 for Scottsdale’s Aug. 4 primary, giving Scottsdale voters their first chance to cast votes in this year’s local and state elections.

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Despite calls from the mayor and a majority of the City Council, Scottsdale Councilman Guy Phillips will not resign from office after a national backlash against comments he made at a protest against the city’s mask mandate on June 24.

A Scottsdale lawmaker who heads the House Ethics Committee is weighing whether to have full-blown hearings into the panel’s investigation of a fellow Republican legislator over allegations of an alleged love affair with a lobbyist.

Gov. Doug Ducey is defending indoor political rallies with thousands of people without masks even as he admitted the only way Arizona will stop the upward trend of infections is if people mask up and stay home and the state began taking action against bars for violating social distancing req…

Campaign contributions – and where they come from – are taking center stage in the 2020 Scottsdale City Council and mayoral races as some candidates and residents allege developers are pumping money into the campaigns to curry favor.