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Major Scottsdale development projects can go through months, or even years, of city review before they reach the City Council, but much of those discussions take place behind closed doors. 

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Stakeholders in Scottsdale’s arts community are concerned that a draft General Plan that could be sent to voters later this year does not do enough to support and grow the city’s longstanding arts scene.

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While most of the focus on the COVID vaccine roll-out has been on the state and county, cities and healthcare operators are also playing a critical role in the vaccination effort.

A Scottsdale lawmaker joined his GOP colleagues in a move to let more people carry guns into government buildings amid an effort to block local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws.

State lawmakers voted Monday to spend $900,000 in tax dollars in a bid to convince Arizonans and others across the country to visit one of the state’s remaining “dude ranches.’’

As vaccinations for COVID-19 continue nationwide, blood donation agencies are stepping up efforts to encourage those who have had the disease and recovered to donate their plasma to help treat the sick.

Gov. Doug Ducey wants to reduce taxes by $200 million this coming budget year – and another $200 million a year in each of the following two years – but isn’t ready to say who he wants to get that relief.