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A Scottsdale family is suing Scottsdale Unified School District, alleging that its failure to properly train special education teachers and staff at Desert Mountain High School resulted in abusive uses of force against their autistic son.

The 2018 General Election in Scottsdale was full of surprises – from the overwhelming Proposition 420 victory to staggering voter turnout – but the biggest surprise might have been the bipartisan cooperation shown by the two leading vote getters in the City Council election.

As Scottsdale considers a new license agreement with Rockbar for a patio, locals and business owners have called on the city to nix the deal over concerns that the Craftsman Court bar is violating its spirit.

Nearly a year after allegations of sexual abuse against Paolo Soleri became public, Scottsdale has failed to address what, if any, effect those allegations should have on the way the city has chosen to honor the famed architect’s legacy.

The future of an internationally renowned East Valley racing school with a multi-million-dollar-a-year operation may rest in the hands of a Scottsdale businessman who specializes in saving companies from financial ruin.