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The brick-red hued beams, the imaginative pathways and terraces, the buildings that seamlessly and ever-so-effortlessly merge nature and architecture: Frank Lloyd Wright’s work has not only had an impact on the Valley’s desert landscape and how we see it, but also on Valley residents’ lives.

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The tragic death of a police officer struck by a texting driver on the Loop 101 last week might finally convince the Arizona legislature to pass a statewide distracted driving law.

Despite multiple efforts made by the city and citizens over the past decade, Scottsdale has not updated its general plan in 17 years – a fact that could put the city in violation of state law, according to a veteran Arizona lawmaker.

Following a year marked by both unprecedented political engagement and extreme divisiveness, Scottsdale is heading into 2019 with a bevy of issues to address – including how to pay for much-needed infrastructure repairs, addressing community concerns over new development projects and restori…