‘Knee Deep’ in Catharsis, Zac Brown Band ready to wrap tour at Chase Field

The Zac Brown Band is bringing a high-energy show to Phoenix next weekend. (Special to the Progress)

One of the most successful touring acts of the last decade, the Zac Brown Band is making a stop — and its last on the “Out in The Middle Tour” — at Chase Field on Saturday, November 19.

Coy Bowles, who plays guitar and keys for the decorated country band, said the tour has been exactly what the band has needed coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This tour has been going really, really well,” Bowles said. “It's pretty cathartic and there has been a lot going on in the world so not getting to play music for a considerable amount of time and then jumping back into a really well designed, well thought out tour (has been great).”

Bowles said those attending can expect a concert that really features three different acts. In addition, Phoenix specifically, has always been a rewarding stopping point for the Zac Brown Band. The group is looking forward to being here.

“It's (the shows) been feeling really good,” he said. “When you leave, you're like, ‘Wow, that was a lot of music. We gave everybody what they came and showed up for.’ So, it's been really cool. It's exciting to get to take that to all these different cities, and Phoenix has always been great to us.

“We've always had great shows out there.”

If Bowles had to pick a favorite track that he and the rest of the band have performed on the tour, he said the answer is easily the title track for the band’s latest album — “The Comeback.”

“When we were recording that song in the studio, it was really kind of an anthem of what it's going to be like for everything to come back around,” he said. “There's a certain arm hair raising up, back in the neck, whatever it is, that happens when we play that song.

For Bowles, the track “paints a picture of what we just went through and where we're at now.” He is grateful to be able to be back playing live on stage with the rest of the Zac Brown Band, and “Comeback” just encapsulates that feeling of gratitude.

“It's really hard not to let it all sink in,” he said. “It's really hard not to just go, ‘Wow, man, I'm really grateful to be able to be with my friends again on stage and make music.’”

Getting to perform at baseball fields is a sticking point for the Zac Brown Band. The Georgia natives are made up of “diehard” Atlanta Braves fans, so getting to go on tour and play at baseball fields, such as Chase Field, is something the band really enjoys doing and has almost a “majestic” feel to it. In the past, the group has performed at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Truist Park in Atlanta and Fenway Park in Boston — where they currently hold the record for most consecutive sold out shows.

“When we go play these baseball fields … it's almost like wearing a superhero cape or something,” Bowles said. “Being able to be a part of what you are so into, there's this super majestic part about the stadiums.”

To date, the group has won three Grammy Awards, sold more than 30 million singles and 9 million albums, amassed over 10 billion catalog streams, and achieved 16 No. 1 radio singles. And while Bowles knows the band has released some incredibly special work, “The Comeback,” he said, may be the band’s best work to date.

“I remember leaving the studio and driving back home to Atlanta from Nashville and just going, ‘Wow, this might be the best album we've ever recorded,’” Bowles said.

Sydney said the songs they’ve been writing are in line with “Hang Around.” Now the “songs are flowing like crazy.”

“We don’t want to stop ourselves from writing just because we have a lot of songs at this point. But, at a certain point, we will get this finished and narrow down which songs we want to use. They definitely all feel like they’re part of the same family.” “Being awarded or nominated by your peers or by an organization or an academy for the work that you’ve done is incredible,” Bowles said. “It can help validate the idea that like, ‘Wow, this has been great.’ But I do kind of go back on the sense that if you're doing that for that reason, then your sense of being your true artist might be slightly off in the first place.

“It's by no means being arrogant in that way. It feels really good to be nominated. It feels really good to be to receive the awards and the accolades and things like that, but that's not really why we do it.”

As far as fitting into the rest of the band’s catalogue goes, Bowles said, “The Comeback” feels similar to the albums “You Get What You Give” and “Uncaged,” but just more “seasoned.”

To boot, he said Zac Brown, the Zac Brown Band’s frontman, sounds as good now as he ever has.

“We're older now; we've got kids kind of thing, but we still have that magic exists within us collaborating with each other and whatnot,” Bowles said. “We decided that we were going to do things in a similar recording style that we had done before — let it (the music) be the band, not try to get into a lot of overdubbing and stuff like that. Try to let it be raw in the band.

“There's something about being someone who's in the prime of their life… and I think Zac’s voice sounds as good on this album as it ever has.”

The band released “The Comeback (Deluxe)” back on Sept. 30 and it features Blake Shelton, James Taylor (who is Brown’s biggest influence), Cody Johnson and Ingrid Andress. Despite the deluxe album featuring some huge names, Bowles said the Zac Brown Band remains who they were when they released “The Foundation” back in 2008 — “Georgia boys who love music.”

“If you were to have told me when I was 16 or 17, playing in my bedroom at my mom and dad's house loud as hell, that I was going to be playing baseball fields and touring around and all that stuff, I would have told you are crazy,” he said.

If you go:

Zac Brown Band w/Sam Hunt and Robert Randolph Band

When: 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 19

Where: Chase Field, 401 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix

Cost: Tickets start at $30

Info: ticketmaster.com

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