Camp Dreamtree

As part of Camp Dreamtree, DreamScouts engage in a vibrant virtual world called Crystal Burn, where kids can interact with Izimbra, a 16-foot-tall, yellow cone who speaks, laughs and dreams.

This spring break, parents can take the kids on a three-week trip to Crystal Burn to meet Izimbra, a 16-foot-tall yellow cone, and engage in a variety of art activities.

Virtually, of course.

Presented by Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation and Scottsdale Public Art, the Camp Dreamtree Spring Break Experience lets families learn new skills and explore the virtual world of Crystal Burn.

Families can purchase a $15 DreamScout Kit, giving kids access to art supplies and tools, as well as engage in various online components, augmented reality (AR) interaction and a live Jamboree with Fireweather Studio, the founding artists of the original “Camp Dreamtree” art installation and experience.

“The Camp Dreamtree Spring Break Experience is an innovative way for families to connect with the bright and imaginative world of Crystal Burn from their very own backyard,” said Brittany Arnold, teen and family coordinator for Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation. 

“Camp Dreamtree can be accessed from around the world by anyone with a love of ingenuity, curiosity and wonder.”

DreamScouts, who must be at least 5 years old, participate in a five-day session that includes an online Jamboree at 3 p.m. March 13. The camp runs March 8-21.

The kit includes everything from Camp Dreamtree, including bandanas, old and new paper maps, patch stickers, leatherworking tools, markers, paper, a book, washi tape and more.

Art activities include creating and decorating paper hats, upcycling a Scottsdale Public Library book and turning it into a creative field guide to record adventures and learning to make leather slides for bandanas.

DreamScouts will also have access to instructional videos and new AR experiences released throughout each week. 

The AR experiences were created in conjunction with Scottsdale Public Art and Hoverlay, the app that hosted the AR components for last year’s Canal Convergence and for various works in the Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection.

“’Camp Dreamtree’ has always been about another world and AR allows that other world to enter ours,” said Roy Wasson Valle of Fireweather Studio.

 “Working with Hoverlay and Scottsdale Arts to create an augmented reality portion of ‘Camp Dreamtree’ provides greater accessibility for the public to interact with the world of Crystal Burn and its inhabitants.”

That includes Izimbra, the larger-than-life yellow cone that speaks, laughs, and dreams.

DreamScouts simply use the camera on their mobile devices to “see” Izimbra and her friends, go on a virtual tour of “Camp Dreamtree” and discover hidden animations.  

“When we are actively involved in wonder, and we choose curiosity and kindness in our actions, we become brighter contributors to our society,” said Koryn Woodward Wasson of Fireweather Studio. 

Fireweather Studio previously presented Camp Dreamtree as a physical installation and it gained popularity when it ran at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library in 2014.

“Teachers and parents will benefit from reminding their students, and themselves, how rewarding it is to evaluate our surroundings, share our stories and find alternative uses and solutions for the world around us,” Woodward Wasson said.

Those interested in participating should purchase the DreamScout kit before March 1 to allow sufficient time for shipping.

However, it is possible to access the activities for free online while using everyday household items to create the projects.

Learn more about Camp Dreamtree, order your DreamScout Kit, and register for the Camp Dreamtree Jamboree at