Jonathan Cottor and Ron Laikind

Jonathan Cottor and Ron Laikind are the COO and founder of ExtremeMist PCS, respectively.

This time last year, northern Scottsdale resident Ron Laikind began selling the ExtremeMist Personal Cooling System, a hands-free, professional misting system designed to keep outdoor enthusiasts refreshed, hydrated and safe.

His invention caught the attend of retailer REI, who began selling the product in October.

Of course, a lot has changed in one year.

Now, to help businesses and residents swiftly and frequently sanitize their work and living spaces in response to the coronavirus, Laikind repurposed the ExtremeMist PCS to ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing System.

The product launched mid-April, and since, Laikind has sold more than 1,000 units.

“The feedback I’ve received has been 100 percent positive,” Laikind said.

“Not only can they frequently spray/disinfect, but it allows people to feel more comfortable knowing the location is being sanitized and disinfected frequently. The result is peace of mind,” he added.

It took Laikind just a few minutes to convert the PCS into the PSS.

The portable, lightweight and easy-to-use eight-speed mist system disperses antimicrobial solutions and other chemical disinfectants to sanitize areas of all sizes.

The PSS backpack not only makes sanitizing solutions last up to three-times longer than trigger-spray bottles but also gets the job done in one-third the time. 

Plus, the entire cord-free system weighs under six pounds when filled with two liters of solution.

“It was the simplest part of my inventing process,” he said, adding that all he had to do was remove the drink hose from the drinking/misting system and extend the chest-level mist line to arm’s length.

Now, businesses of all kinds, from doctor’s offices and hospitals to gyms, restaurants, airlines, yachting companies, time-shares as well as homes can be protected. 

 Elmhurst Hospital, Northwell Health and Metropolitan Transportation Authority — all in New York — use the portable sanitizing system, as does Jani-King Commercial Cleaning in Texas.

And more locally, Acoya Senior Living in Mesa, Freedom Fitness in Scottsdale and Ledesma Foot & Ankle, also in Scottsdale, have purchased the ExtremeMist product.

“The portability of the Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System and, most of all, the efficiency of delivering disinfectant solution was particularly attractive,” said Dr. Paul Ledesma of Ledesma Foot & Ankle.  

He said it was “crucial” to have a device that would “cover common surfaces that patients would potentially come in contact with quickly and efficiently.” 

Moreover, he noted, “It was particularly attractive that the Extreme Mist system could do so while conserving disinfectant solution, which is in significant demand and hard to come by.”

Ledesma uses the PSS at least three to four times an hour at his practice — “each and every time a patient leaves a treatment room,” he said.

Ledesma calls the PSS “far superior” than any other cleaning tool he’s used and that it’s “perfect” for his medical practice.

“The Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing System has become an integral part of daily operations to ensure that we are providing the cleanest and healthiest environment not only for our patients but also for our staff,” he said, adding:

“I have no doubt that this piece of equipment will remain a part of our disinfecting routine from now on and well beyond the time comes when we are less worried about a pandemic.”

The idea for the PSS came to Laikind when his gym was about to shut its doors. 

“My gym was going to close before the shut-down order, since the clients were not secure in the knowledge that the gym wasn’t being properly sanitized,” Laikind said, explaining: 

“When I learned that the gym was having a meeting to close down, I asked them to wait and that I may have a solution.”

Laikind walked back to his office, quickly retrofitted the PCS, and headed back to the gym to show them a new way to disinfect.

“Since it is in a hiking/running backpack, ExtremeMist Portable Sanitizing System is the most comfortable backpack spraying system in the world,” Laikind said. “Establishments can keep it on their employees all day long without major fatigue.”

Following the success of the PSS, Laikind said he is inventing more items for the system to be released in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, Laikind continues to use the PSS every day at his own home.

“My other half has an immune system deficiency, so I spray everything in the garage before I come into the house — groceries, mail, everything. Even my shoes!” he said.

The PSS backpack costs $239 and comes with a two-liter reservoir, and the whole system weighs approximately six pounds fully loaded. 

The complete pack comes with an extra solution reservoir for quick-change extended use.

Laikind said dealers interested in stocking either the PSS or PCS are invited to reach out to him at 602-368-9625 or