Creamistry owners now delivering nitrogen

Creamistry co-owners Ryan Zeleznak, left, and Andre Wadsworth have launched a new venture called N7 Delivery, LLC, which provides nitrogen delivery services to local retail businesses around the Valley.

Following the expansion of Creamistry into the West Valley for the first time this spring, Arizona Creamistry franchisees Andre Wadsworth and Ryan Zeleznak have launched a new venture called N7 Delivery.

Up and running as of May, N7 Delivery provides nitrogen delivery to retail businesses around the Valley, in addition to Wadsworth and Zeleznak’s own Creamistry stores.

It’s a new business that the former Arizona Cardinal player and real estate professional, respectively, have had on their collective minds since opening the first Arizona Creamistry in 2016 on the southeast corner of Camelback and Marshall Way in southern Scottsdale.

“Early on, we saw how hard it was to secure nitrogen for small businesses like ours,” Wadsworth said.

What sets Creamistry apart from its ice cream competitors is it uses liquid nitrogen to create made-to-order ice cream.

Wadsworth and Zeleznak were almost immediately met with obstacles getting convenient, consistent access to liquid nitrogen at a more affordable rate when they opened their first store.

Compared to California, where the Creamistry concept was originally developed, the nitrogen delivery service offerings in Arizona are very limited and come at a much higher price.

“That was the most challenging piece to this whole made-to-order ice cream concept for us,” Zeleznak said. “Because it’s such a new niche, delivering to retail centers, nobody wanted to do it. There were very few that would, and then when we looked at the premium pricing that we knew we were going to be paying it, it definitely came on our radar early on.”

After spending about three years expanding Creamistry’s Valley locations from one to six, Wadsworth and Zeleznak invested an excess of $250 million dollars into N7 Delivery.

They invested in their own truck and tank, which was custom built by a company in the Midwest and brought out to Arizona.

It took the co-owners two months to get the business up and running, with the biggest obstacle they faced securing a part-time — and back-up — driver with a commercial driver’s license, or CDL.

“And if you are familiar with the trucking world today, there’s high demand for drivers,” Zeleznak said.

Wadsworth was admittedly very nervous taking the leap into the new, unfamiliar industry.

“It was a big, big move to do something like that. I don’t have a truck or drive with a CDL,” Wadsworth said. “When things get tough, we’ll get dirty and we’ll make ice cream — we’ll do all the different things. But this is one thing we couldn’t jump in and do and cover if things went bad.”

The goal is to have N7 Delivery running five-plus days a week to provide local companies, from food and retail to cryotherapy businesses, with wholesale liquid nitrogen tank fills.

Wadsworth and Zeleznak are saving more than 15 percent on their own liquid nitrogen costs, and they hope to help other businesses save about the same amount, as well.

“Knowing the obstacles we faced, we know that others are out there, and so there’s certainly a satisfaction to being able to, one, save yourself money, but two, be able to do that for others as well. And that’s the objective with N7 Delivery,” Zeleznak said.

Wadsworth and Zeleznak, through N7, want to help other businesses by also putting together a plan for them and perform an overall assessment, helping to identify room for improvement and cost savings.

“We’d love to evaluate their current circumstances — look at their past performance and their future, look at current invoicing — and see how we can improve and better their circumstances,” Zeleznak said. “We want to simplify it.”

Possible savings include cutting costs on delivery fees and hazmat fees.

“Because of us being a small business and really recognizing the need of fluidity, agility and moving things around, we’re willing to listen and say, ‘How can we help accommodate your specific needs in your business?’” Wadsworth said.

Currently, N7 Delivery has seven, soon-to-be eight clients.

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