Unicorn Cupcake Bakery in Scottsdale

Unicorn Cupcake Bakery in Scottsdale was owner Tracy Lombardi's brainchild.

At Unicorn Cupcake Boutique, the baked goods are obviously the star of the show, but they are hardly the only attraction that has made the outlet a hotspot for both kids and adults in Scottsdale.

The boutique opened earlier this year on Shea Boulevard just east of Scottsdale Road and is the brainchild of Tracy Lombardi, who has owned the Big Cupcake Truck for eight years.

“Everyone always said you need a location to buy your cupcakes,” said Lombardi, who came up with the idea for the boutique while on vacation.

The boutique features a variety of cupcakes from the aptly titled Big Cupcake Truck – Lombardi said they are over two times the size of a typical cupcake – including special weekly featured flavors like Samoa cookie, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel chocolate and, of course, unicorn.

The unicorn cupcake is a pink, purple and blue vanilla unicorn cupcake with marshmallow ears and a candle for the horn.

“(Kids) love it; they all love it,” Lombardi said.

Beyond the cupcakes, the Unicorn Cupcake Boutique also offers for sale a collection of gifts crafted by local vendors, including lotions and bath products.

It also hosts children’s birthday parties that feature a variety of arts, crafts and other unicorn and princess-themed activities.

The shop is already booking birthday parties throughout the week and into 2019.

Lombardi said the boutique hosts events for adults too, including glitter wine glass parties and Braid 101 classes, where parents can come in and learn to braid their child’s hair from professional stylists.

“That one is very popular,” Lombardi said.

Thus far, the shop has received an overwhelmingly positive reception and has been invited to expos and an Emmy gift party in Los Angeles in September.

“It has been amazing,” Lombardi said. “Everyone loves the concept, and they love our magical store. They feel happy here, and that was the point.”