Jeffery Woolston

Jeffery Woolston owns the Liv24 Weight Loss Center in Scottsdale.

After he was forced to shut down his chiropractic studio for two months, Jeff Woolston felt devastated. 

He admits that during that time he “got soft” and gained a couple of pounds. 

What kept him moving forward was taking his dog for a walk and listening to podcasts and YouTube videos of researchers who were studying the mitochondria, which generate most of the chemical energy needed to power a cell’s biochemical reactions – earning it the reputation as the powerhouse that provides energy.

One statistic really broke through to him and made him realize it was time to make a change: Every 30 minutes, a child is born who will develop a mitochondrial disorder by age 10. 

Overall, approximately 1 in every 4,300 individuals in the United States has a mitochondrial disease according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Woolston also learned researchers have concluded that the percentage of obese people in America is a staggering 40 percent and is projected to be 50 percent by 2030. Combined with those who are overweight, 75 percent of the population weigh too much for their own good.

“The problem is not because we’re sitting around; it’s that there are naturally produced energies that we’re not tapping into,” Woolston said. “We need to get back in sync with our caveman origins – meaning we need to honor that we are still physiologically the same as our early relatives, but with 21st century technology.”

He discovered three ways to get people to take their lives back: taking ice cold baths, sitting in a sauna and standing in front of infrared light. 

“There’s a lot of bio hacks out there but there’s nobody doing exactly what I’m doing,” said Woolston. 

His practice takes us back to our ancestral roots and reminds us that humans are the only species that created an artificial environment for comfort. 

While there is no defined order for his clients as to which practice to do first, Woolston explained that each has a unique set of positive impacts. 

“The cold pool makes you feel more energized and makes the mitochondria more resilient,” he explained, citing a 2018 University of Tokyo study that concluded cold temperatures can impact fat cells. 

Professor Juro Sakai from the University of Tokyo and Tohoku University, found that shivering creates short-term body heat by warming up the muscles while but thermogenesis is the chemical process by which brown fat cells can use lipids, or fat, to create heat to keep the body warm long-term.

Brown fat is regarded as healthier and is not associated with the metabolic diseases linked to excess white fat, according to the study. 

Additionally, Woolston stated that “The sauna improves cardiovascular health by up to 60 percent.” 

Another process that Woolston finds beneficial for clients is an infrared light source that hangs on a wall. Clients stand 6 inches away while rotating their bodies every few minutes so each side of their body absorbs the light. 

The infrared light counteracts the impact of being surrounded by the blue light of screens all day. “Since we’re surrounded by blue light all day long, red light is a balance to what’s going on all day long,” Woolston said. 

Woolston tried these processes himself for a few weeks and with his friend for months before opening Liv24 in September.

He was amazed by his results. 

“I was working out and eating well. I just wanted to feel more vibrant and have more energy for my day, but this was almost the missing piece,” he said. “We believe in eating right and exercising but that’s not what did this for me.” 

The moment he realized his plan had worked was when he noticed a change in his body that he had not seen in years. 

“After doing this for a couple weeks, I started to see my abs again,” Woolston exclaimed. 

Woolston then purchased top level technology that uses artificial intelligence to take a 3D scan of client’s bodies so they can track their progress each time they visit Liv24. 

“We’ll do our scans which allow us to measure 21 different spots on the body and monitor how things are going,” said Woolston.

Even though he is only going on his second month of business with Liv24, Woolston said his clients have reported a myriad of positive changes to their lives. 

“People have reported having better sleep, better focus and reduced anxiety,” Woolston said. 

As a result, Woolston has a guarantee. 

“If you go through this program, you’ll get the framework of their life and understand that you can be empowered to make a difference in your own health,” he said. 


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