Local music school faculty includes 2 accomplished artists

From piano performances across the world to awards celebrating their accomplishments, Svetlana Obregon and Vitaly Serebriakov are experienced music professionals. Now they use their expertise to instruct children and adults at Desert Hills Community School of Music, 34605 N. Tom Darlington Road, Scottsdale.

The school expanded its course offerings in August, adding group piano, group guitar, music exploration, saxophone ensemble, private piano, private woodwinds and private guitar classes.

Obregon and Serebriakov are artistic directors, which combines teaching and providing artistic guidance.

Serebriakov teaches group classes for adults and teenagers and gives private piano lessons. Obregon teaches music exploration to kids ages 6 to 10. They both teach group and private piano classes.

The dynamic duo has had a fair share of experiences promoting their passion for performing arts around the world.

Obregon has won prizes for her work internationally, including her presentation at the Musica Classica in Ruza, Russia. Serebriakov has performed around the globe at popular venues, such as Carnegie Hall in New York City and Hoch Konservatorium in Germany.

Students under the pair's instruction of Obregon have been triumphant Royal Conservatory of Music exams, which builds “self-confidence” amongst othertalents, according to the Royal Conservatory website. Educators have also passed the Arizona Study Program, a 12-year graded course designed to the study of piano.

Gail Thiele, 79, a current student of Serebriakov, calls it one of the best musical education experiences she’s ever had.

“He explains things in ways that I’ve never had explained before, he insists on techniques that I’ve never done before, and I am learning those techniques now,” Thiele said. “Particularly a singing tone, which I find is one of the most important things a person needs for being a pianist.”

Thiele said that the lessons she has attended are almost equivalent to 12 hours of a graduate level course.

The institute features two divisions, conservatory and community. Obregon and Serebriakov are instructors for the conservatory division, which focuses on a more performance-based path.

Conservatory students have the opportunity to participate in competitions, participate in state-level and international examinations and perform throughout the Valley. The Community division emphasizes recreational music-making for those who want to learn an instrument for their own and others’ enjoyment.

“We are trying to cover all of the ages, the groups and all the needs of the community,” Obregon said.

“We were, and still are, performing artists and that’s the core of what we do; we’re teaching artists,” said Serebriako, who has participated in piano competitions and traveled all over Europe.

Information: deserthillsmusic.org.

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