Makeup artist plans school to curb others’ mistakes

Aneta has a studio inside Ageless Mi MedSpa at 4300 N. Miller Road, Suite 150, Scottsdale. (Special to the Progress)

Permanent-makeup artist Aneta Janowska has seen more than enough women walk into her suite with botched eyebrows, eyeliner or lips.

Sometimes, the work is so bad that corrections aren’t possible.

So, she plans on opening a beauty and business school early next year to reduce the instance of poor work in the industry.

“Every day I see a lot of bad work in my industry and unhappy women coming to me for help with their eyebrows,” said Janowska, owner of Euro Glam Beauty & Design, LLC in Gilbert.

Janowska also has a studio inside Ageless Mi MedSpa at 4300 N. Miller Road, Suite 150, Scottsdale.

Ageless Mi is owned by Dr. Robin Borsa.

“She does botox and fillers,” Janowska said. “She is a wonderful person. It’s an amazing place and the owner is so professional.

“We have the same goals: make our women confident and beautiful,” Janowska added.

Janowska provides numerous eye, eyebrow and lip services, including microblading, lash extensions and lip blushing.

Unfortunately, so do inexperienced artists.

As a result, women with poor cosmetic work often come to Janowska in hopes that she can fix it.

“I see clients coming for help with eyebrows done by somebody else and it looks terrifying,” she said. “Mostly I can help them, but sometimes I can’t offer these poor women any help – it is too late. My heart breaks into pieces when I have to say, ‘I’m sorry we can’t help you.’”

After seeing so much work that was too far gone, Janowska realized that there was a problem she might be able to help solve.

Since she has hundreds of five-star reviews and extensive permanent makeup beauty knowledge, Janowska figured who better than herself to teach aspiring artists how to do permanent makeup properly.

She also thought she’d be best for the job because of her experience in economics.

“I can help new entrepreneurs to not only have the beauty skills, but to also have the skills and knowledge for how to start and grow a business,” she said.

Before moving to the U.S., Janowska studied at Poznan University of Economics and Business in Poland where she earned her master’s degree. Shortly after, she opened her first company and focused on financial advising.

For 20 years, she helped clients open, develop and expand their economic business activities in Poland.

In 2019, she finished school as a permanent makeup artist, following her true passion: Beauty. She then opened a second business, where she performed permanent makeup services.

It was only a few years ago that Janowska followed her dream of moving to the U.S.

EuroGlam has grown fast and now, Janowska wants to open a school to support those who want to be entrepreneurs like her.

Janowska knows that small business failure is partially due to factors like inexperience managing a business and unsuccessful marketing initiatives.

So, in addition to in-depth beauty training, Janowska will teach lessons on business fundamentals that will help create a sound business model to generate continuous profit.

“I’m absolutely convinced that there is a strong need for a professional beauty and business school where you can learn permanent makeup and microblading, but also how to grow your own business,” she said. “We have some beauty schools here, but none of these schools show how to open and stay in business.”

She sees her planned school as “giving new entrepreneurs the chance to open their own business but also stay in business.”

Her school will also be more rigorous than online beauty courses. Part of the issue with poor work is that some artists get their certificates online where they aren’t required to practice on many real models, if any.

Some courses consist of just watching a few hours of training then going straight into in-person work – essentially practicing for the first time on clients.

Janowska’s school will require many practice hours on fake skin before students can work on models. This way, students will feel confident in their newly acquired skills and avoid mistakes.

“Every day, it’s not like going to work. It’s like a hobby,” she said. “You’re excited every day because you see new people, new faces. There’s nothing you can compare to when you see your clients at the end after you’ve finished their face.

“When they see their eyeliner or eyebrows, and they smile and say, ‘Oh my God!’ It’s the best feeling.”

Janowska is currently searching for a location and staff for her beauty and business school, but anticipates it opening in early 2023.

If interested in being involved in Janowska’s beauty and business school, email To book an appointment:

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