What was once a Brunswick Zone on Via Linda has been transformed into a “hipster-inspired,” elevated bowling experience called Bowlero. 

Tucked away on the corner of 90th Street and Via Linda, what was once a Brunswick Zone has been fully transformed into a more modern, “whimsical” and “hipster-inspired” bowling concept called Bowlero.

The newly revamped, 30,000-square-foot Bowlero on Via Linda held its grand opening celebration on March 2 with a small, red-carpeted entrance and a man dressed up as a bowling pin greeting guests.

Around 320 people showed up for the grand opening and were all treated to one free game of bowling and discounted food and drink, including $3 Lagunitas.

According to Bowlero Corporation Regional Sales and Marketing Manager Julia Skobeleva, the turnout was modest.

“Scottsdale did have spring training events going on the same day, so we didn’t have as good of a turnout as we expected, but it still was a good one,” she said.

The venue is nothing new to the Valley, as Bowlero has sprouted in cities like Gilbert, Phoenix and Chandler over the past few years.

Neither is it new to Scottsdale; The Bowlero in northern Scottsdale, off Mayo Boulevard, opened in May last year.

Arizona now has a total of eight Bowleros, including one in Tucson.

What makes Bowlero – a bowling concept that launched 2014 in Texas – unique is the elevated bowling experience it offers.

From its retro-inspired design and rich Herringbone-patterned floors to the can’t-miss graphics on the walls spelling out “LOL” and “OMG” and its brand mascot, if you will – a Tiffany-blue bowling ball with antlers – Bowlero quite successfully accomplishes its goal of taking bowling to a new level.

The Via Linda Bowlero has 40 lanes, floor-to-ceiling, high-definition video screens at the end of each lane, an arcade, a brand-new sports bar and a comprehensive food and drink menu, including what the brand calls “Oversized Sharables,” like the XXL Party Pretzel and a two-foot-long Coney Mega Dog.

The bowling center also has pool tables, private rooms, an on-site pro shop and a lounge area.

Bowlero specials include $2.50 games on Sundays starting at 6 p.m., $12.09 unlimited bowling on Mondays starting at 8 p.m., and $2.22 games of bowling and same-priced food and drink specials on Tuesdays starting at 8 p.m.

Skobeleva said the population and climate make Scottsdale one of their top-performing markets.

“We definitely put Arizona as a priority in overall scope, especially for Bowlero centers,” Skobeleva said, adding:

“People are just, overall, looking for more activities to do with their families and their friends and their coworkers, to increase engagement, interaction within each other and build relationships.”

Bowlero Corporation is the largest owner and operator of bowling centers in the world. The company’s portfolio of bowling center brands also includes Bowlmor Lanes and AMF Bowling Co.

Bowlero has delivered its upscale bowling experience to 28 million guests and has over 300 locations worldwide, including eight in Mexico and two in Canada.

The company announced in September 2018 that by September of this year it will rebrand all of its Brunswick Zone bowling centers to its lead bowling brand, Bowlero.

At the time, Bowlero Corp. had 56 remaining Brunswick Zone centers to convert.

According to Skobeleva, it takes anywhere from three to nine months to flip Brunswick Zones, like the Via Linda bowling alley, into Bowleros.

“Bowlero is transforming the way America thinks about bowling – and we’re thrilled to introduce this dynamic brand to new guests all across the country,” said Colie Edison, Bowlero Corp. chief customer officer.

Skobeleva said Bowlero already has 75 locations in the U.S., with a projected number of 85 by the summer.

The company is so committed and confident in the Bowlero brand that they changed its corporate name from Bowlmor AMF to Bowlero Corporation in January 2018.

“This name change allows us to move forward with a new corporate identity centered around the core mission of our company – delivering a world-class, delightful guest experience to the 25 million-plus customers we serve each year,” said Bowlero Corp. Chairman and CEO, Tom Shannon, in a prepared statement.

Looking ahead, Bowlero Corp.’s 2019 plans include continuing to transform Brunswick Zone bowling centers, as well as building new Bowleros throughout the U.S. and Canada markets.

“And to bring the new modern spin to the traditional bowling experience and offer fun for all generations; I would say we’re continuing on with that goal,” Skobeleva said. “The conversions are definitely still a top priority for us this year and continuing to build the Bowlero brand.”