Hailey Hyde YogaSix Gainey Village

Hailey Hyde is the operations director of YogaSix Gainey Village, a boutique yoga studio that opens in October in southern Scottsdale.

Scottsdale welcomes one more yoga studio this fall — and it offers anything but your average, big-box-gym yoga class.

Slated to open in October at Gainey Village, YogaSix is a boutique yoga brand that offers a variety of both heated and non-heated yoga classes, as well as boot camp-style fitness classes and meditation classes. 

But what really sets YogaSix apart is the multi-sensory experience it offers.

“We have the heating elements; we have humidity and then the lighting and then the music,” Hyde said.

Much like spin classes offered at boutique fitness studios like the Madison Improvement Club and Cycle Ave, the lighting in the rooms change and adjust based on the intensity of the workout. 

For example, “you walk in and it’s calmer as you get ready for your class. As the music picks up with the pace of the class, the lighting changes,” Hyde explained.

Hyde, who has practiced yoga for 15 years, said the YogaSix experience is unlike anything she has experienced before.

“You don’t even realize that you’re meditating because you’re just so consumed in this an environment that you’re not thinking about anything else,” she said.

YogaSix is backed by Xponential Fitness, the largest curator of the nation’s leading boutique fitness brands, including CycleBar, which has one location in Scottsdale at McCormick Ranch.

“If you picture CycleBar’s lighting with how their mood changes throughout their class, that’s similar to ours, except with yoga,” Hyde said.

YogaSix, as its name suggests, offers six low-impact, strength building classes: Y6 101, Y6 Stretch, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Hot, Y6 Power and Y6 Sculpt & Flow. 

Each class caps at 40 people.

“Through a contemporary approach to yoga and fitness designed to fit your lifestyle, YogaSix will have 70 class options a week. Whether you’re looking for strength, agility, flexibility or balance, we have the class for you,” Hyde said.

According to Hyde, the most sought-after class is Sculpt & Flow, but her favorite is Slow Flow.  

The 2,300-square-foot Scottsdale location is YogaSix’s first studio in Arizona.

YogaSix Gainey Village Operations Director Hailey Hyde said Scottsdale was chosen for its diversity and for its central location. 

“This is a great region for us because it really hits our demographic,” said Hyde, who owns the business with fellow Scottsdale resident Michael Heidorn. “The thing about YogaSix is that we want to appeal to everyone.”

Founded in 2012, YogaSix started in Irvine, California and has since expanded to 48 locations nationwide that are either open or will open at a future date.

YogaSix, which announced its franchise opportunity in January and within two months signed more than 100 franchise agreements, plans to open 300 locations across the nation over the next few years. 

Of those 300, five more YogaSix locations will open in the Scottsdale area, in addition to the Gainey Village studio, according to Hyde. 

The first three additional Scottsdale locations will open within the next year, with the other two to follow at an undetermined date.

“We’re looking at an opening date for studio No. 2, which will be somewhere in the Shea area,” Hyde said.

YogaSix will likely expand into Chandler as well.

The Gainey Village studio will have a retail boutique stocked with the latest trends in active wear, mat and towel service, and locker rooms for students to get ready before or after class.

Currently, YogaSix Gainey Village is hiring for wellness advisors who have a background in fitness, sales and/or administrative work.

“It’s our front desk,” she explained. “It’s the first person you see when you walk in the doors, so we’re looking for someone who just loves yoga just as much as we do.”

YogaSix is also hiring for yoga teachers with at least 200 yoga teacher training hours, as well as wellness advisors, for its second Scottsdale location.

When YogaSix opens in October, the boutique yoga studio will offer free classes the first week. They’ll also offer a special membership rate of $124 at that time.

So far, YogaSix has 100 members, all of whom took advantage of the studio’s pre-membership rate of 25 percent off the monthly unlimited class fee.

Hyde said there are, however, a few memberships left at YogaSix’s Founder’s rate of $94.50.

“Certainly, there’s nothing that’s like YogaSix in the area,” Hyde said. “But as far as competition goes, we really just want to see the best for everyone; we want to see everyone succeed in their business.”