the Davidsons

Life dealt the Davidsons some rough breaks in recent years, but—now married—they are ready for bigger, brighter times as well as a new business looking into 2020. 

Christina Davidson is nearly an Airpark native.

“My family moved here from South Dakota in 1986, when I was just 5 years old,” said Davidson, who attended Desert Springs Elementary School, Desert Shadows Middle School and Horizon High School in the 1980s and 1990s. 

Growing up, she only wanted to be two things: the head maid at the White House due to her obsessive-compulsive love of cleaning and not an accountant. 

“My dad was in finance and seeing all the number crunching just seemed like such a drag as a kid,” Davidson said.

But here is the thing: she became an accountant. 

“I started in mechanical engineering at the University of Arizona but quickly realized it was not my passion,” Davidson said. 

“So, I took a few accounting classes just to get them out of the way and was surprised I took to the concepts right away. I became an accounting major figuring I would just get the degree and then go into business of some sort upon graduation.” 

But accounting took to her as much as she did to it. When she graduated in 2003, she worked a series of high-profile accounting jobs, one of which moved her to Colorado for a spell. 

“Homesick, I did move back to the Valley in 2010, where much of my time was spent palling around with my mom, Bethie, and re-connecting with friends from the old neighborhood,” Davidson said. “And then in 2015, everything changed when my mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer.” 

For the next year, the entire family came together and rallied around Bethie. 

“By late-2015, we got the news she was cancer-free,” Davidson said. “And just like clockwork, my friends Sam and Gina began pressing me to get back into Arizona life and specifically pushed me to date.” 

The man she would meet on a date on July 22, 2016, was Kevin Davidson.

Though born on Luke Air Force Base, Kevin grew up in New Mexico, dreaming of one day becoming a fighter pilot or owning a business of his own. 

“Except I was always good at math, so people encouraged me to think about accounting,” Kevin said. “I told myself there was no way I was going to be an accountant.” 

After high school, Kevin began community college, with an eye to finishing prerequisites while he figured out his major and university plans. But then, in 1998, his father had a stroke. 

“For the next three years, the entire left side of his body was paralyzed. He would eventually require assisted living, and we lost him in 2001,” Kevin said. 

He worked in retail while caring for his father, notably at Ultimate Electronics, where he was elevated in the company to open locations in Phoenix and then Dallas. 

But when the company went bankrupt in 2005, he knew he needed to find another path.

“I went back to school while working full time and dang it if I wasn’t still good at math, especially my accounting classes.” 

Kevin was diagnosed with diabetes while in school, fighting debilitating diabetes-related neuropathy pain in class while he got it under control. 

Kevin graduated from the University of New Mexico and then moved back to Arizona and got into accounting, just like Christina had after she said she never would. 

Their shared odd road to their careers bonded them, as did their parents’ illnesses. 

“I remember distinctly we talked about it for hours on our third date, which was in August 2016. Two days later, on August 22, we got the news my mom’s cancer returned and was terminal,” Christina said. 

Rather than go their separate ways, even though they had only been dating a month, Kevin and Christina banded together to care for and love on Bethie, who died July 22, 2017, on the same day the couple met just one prior. 

“It was hard enough, if you can imagine. But during it, I noticed something odd with Kevin’s heartbeat one day while lying on his chest,” Christina said. “It turned out he was living with severe atrial fibrillation, which was impacting his blood flow and causing a dangerously irregular heartbeat.”

So, the same summer they lost Bethie, Christina and Kevin also endeavored on what became a series of procedures to treat his condition. 

“By November 2018, and multiple cardiac ablations later, I was feeling a bit back to my old self, and myself only knew one thing: I wanted to be with Christina forever,” said Kevin, who made Christina his wife in May 2019. 

Today, the Davidsons are still healing from their often-devastating first two years together. Knowing what they’ve already survived actually inspired them to take a very big risk on each other moving forward. 

“This career neither of us planned on doing is truly our passion, so we are taking a chance on ourselves by launching our own accounting business,” Kevin said. 

Called Davidson CPA, the firm aims to help address the financial health of individuals and small businesses.

“For businesses, especially small businesses, we offer financial services providing business owners information they often do not have the time to perform themselves.  Examples include: financial statement preparation, process improvement implementation and general accounting services,” said Kevin, noting they also offer comprehensive business management advising. 

And then, according to Kevin, they also offer income tax preparation and tax planning for individuals, estates, trusts and businesses. 

“We are developing long term tax strategies to help you understand and prepare for future income tax implications,” said Kevin, who is feeling very good about his future knowing it is with Christina by his side.