Michelle Keoghan and Suzanne Theune

Michelle Keoghan and Suzanne Theune are the owners of Remedy Salon & Spa, tucked away at The Village at Hayden.

Remedy Salon & Spa co-owner Michelle Keoghan won’t soon forget the day she locked the doors to her salon on April 4, as ordered by Gov. Doug Ducey to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

It was the start of a nearly five-week closure, with salons getting the green light to reopen on May 7. 

But Keoghan didn’t know that when she locked the doors of Remedy Salon at 8220 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, in April.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, everything that we have been working for, is that the end of it?’” she recalled. “I was so upset walking to my car. I was really having a pity party.”

However, the uncertainty didn’t stop Keoghan and co-owner Suzanne Theune from continuing to cater to their longtime clients amid the pandemic.

Stepping into the salon may have been off-limits, but Keoghan and Theune invited clients curbside to pick up at-home coloring kits.

Twice a week, clients would pull up in their cars as the owners brought out their custom color kits and processed payment at the purchasers’ vehicles.

And if the clients were new, the owners were able to match their hair colors by sight.

“We can match it visually. It’s not a problem for us,” Keoghan said. “And if you’re a client at the salon, we already have your formula.”

For $65, each kit comes with color, developer, gloves and instructions.

It was a kit that saved clients money, too: The service at the salon typically starts at $95.

The kit was – and still is – popular: Keoghan and Theune have sold about 50 and counting.

“I think people were excited to get in the car and have an errand to do that day during that time,” Keoghan said. “And now, [customers say], ‘I’m not comfortable in coming into the salon. So, this is a great option for me.’ And we’re happy to do it.”

The health and safety of their clients have remained top of mind for the Remedy Salon & Spa owners since they reopened in May.

As they continued to offer the at-home coloring kits, the owners also installed one-of-a-kind dividers between each station – an investment of about $1,500.

“It was definitely an investment,” Keoghan said, “but the other option for us was to have our stations spread out, which would mean have electricians come in and move our lighting as well. 

“So, even though we did have a little bit of space to where we could have done that, that just felt like that was a lot more of an investment.”

The owners were initially worried the dividers would look unattractive, but customers not only liked the way they looked, Keoghan said, but also appreciated that they kept them safe.

“I think we’re going to have them up for a long time because it’s just not normal anymore to be close to people,” Keoghan said. “I think it’s just another way the clients are feeling really safe and looked after by us.”

According to Keoghan, it was important for the Remedy Salon team to create not only a sanitized, clean space for clients, but also a comforting, relaxing getaway.

“It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, and this salon and the spa is really supposed to be a sanctuary. It’s supposed to be a break from your busy day,” Keoghan said.

Since reopening, business continues to increase for Remedy Salon.

Currently, Keoghan estimates they’ve had about 70 percent of clients return and have welcomed new patrons as well.

Among the clients who have yet to return are winter visitors – which make up a good number of customers for Remedy Salon, especially in the fall and winter.

“We’re in McCormick Ranch, and we have a huge amount of people in the area that come. Either they have their second houses here or they rent and when they rent, they typically do that a year in advance. So, we have to assume that they canceled those plans a long time ago,” Keoghan said.

As for returning clients, they’ve been booking brow- and eyelash-related services.

“We definitely have more bookings for microblading and lash extensions,” Keoghan said.

Keoghan credits Remedy Salon’s longevity and mid-pandemic success, so far, to her team and the environment they’ve created at the salon.

“It’s a family,” Keoghan said. “There’s people that have worked here for over 10 years together.”

“We’ve definitely been taking care of each other really well,” she continued. “Whenever you go through something, it brings you a little closer.”

Information: remedysalonspa.com