David Greene Stem cell clinic gets FDA review board OK

R3 Stem Cell founder Dr., David Greene has started a program to help some veterans get treatment for chronic conditions.

A Scottsdale laboratory has received a federal Food and Drug Administration review board approval for regenerative therapies.

R3 Stem Cell founder and owner Dr. David Greene won the OK from an institutional review board accredited by the FDA that that reviews research protocols to ensure proper safety measures are in place and that the benefits of therapies far outweigh the risks.

The board’s action comes just as R3 Stem Cell announced a “Heroes Program” that will provide free regenerative stem cell therapies to qualifying veterans, first responders and teachers who suffer from chronic ailments — such as arthritis, autoimmune syndromes, back pain and many more.

Winners will be selected from an unlimited number of crowdsourced nominations, based on their personal stories and health-related needs.

The winners will receive therapy at R3’s Las Vegas Center of Excellence and be entitled to a consultation and physical exam, the stem cell procedure and several follow-up visits. Applications can be submitted at r3stemcell.com/hero.

“We started the R3 Heroes Program to serve the men and women who’ve freely risked their lives and given their time to serve the larger community,” said R3 Stem Cell owner/founder Dr. David Greene. “Our message to these heroes and their families is that we care and we’re here to help.”

One of the early heroes was Gulf War/Desert Storm veteran David O’Connell, who suffered from multiple chronic conditions, including back pain, numbness in his right hand due to a crushing injury, osteoarthritis in both knees and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

O’Connell was finally able to wiggle his toes and lift his own left leg for the first time in at least five years. Three months after O’Connell said the treatment eliminated nearly all the pain he had suffered for two decades.

“The results we’ve seen since we started the R3 Heroes Program six months ago have been intensely rewarding,” Greene said, stressing that the procedures are safe. While not a cure, Greene said the procedures create “benefits that can transform their lives.”

Greene said that while “I don’t have a military background,” he has “a tremendous amount of respect for veterans and what they put on the line for our country’s freedom.

“Same thing for first responders and also the fact that teachers are the true heroes as well,” he added. “I see every day how big of a difference teachers make in my own kids’ lives.

“So once R3 Stem Cell got to a point where we are able to give back in a meaningful way to the people in America who are true heroes and may not be able to achieve these therapies on their own, it’s been a no brainer.”

R3 partners with top stem cell centers to repair and regenerate damaged tissue without surgery.

It boasts of providing 10,000 procedures.

“Our goal with the regenerative therapies is to help patients with procedures that are not only effective, but also super safe,” Greene said, noting it is the only U.S. company to seek IRB approval for umbilical and amniotic therapies, with protocols for seven different condition categories.

R3 Stem Cell does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on its website. The FDA considers stem cell therapy experimental at this point.

Information: r3stemcell.com ot 480-GET-STEM.