Ericka Rosas, Tahnee Reed, and Samantha Mahoney

Ericka Rosas, Tahnee Reed, and Samantha Mahoney are the owners of House of Nailz, a new nail salon in Old Town 

Friends and co-workers Tahnee Reed, Ericka Rosas, and Samantha Mahoney dreamt of owning their own respective nail salons.

For two years, the trio – with a combined 30 years’ experience in the beauty industry – discussed how they’d make the jump from employees at Terés A Nail Bar in Old Town Scottsdale to business owners.

The pandemic helped them do just that, Reed said.

“With everything that came along with the pandemic, the opportunity presented itself, and we ran with it. It all just came together,” she said.

When Teres closed, Reed spent weeks shopping for decor, designing the Old Town space and perfecting the first iteration of the new salon’s menu of services.

On May 15, House of Nailz, tucked away in a complex off the corner of 4th Street and 70th Street, hosted its grand opening.

“We are very innovative, creative and we want to have a lot of fun in our space,” Reed said. “We have a lot of amenities inside the salon -- but at a very affordable price point.”

House of Nailz offers 14 services, from $12 regular polish changes and $37 gel manicures to $54 55-minute luxury milk and honey soak gel pedicures and $75 long-length soft gel extensions. 

Reed said their signature service is the luxury soak, which is also available for $35 for 35 minutes.

The service includes shaping, trimming, cuticle care and exfoliation of the heels, as well as a flower petal milk and honey soak with customers’ choice of an added herbal scent. 

Guests will also be treated to a complimentary whipped shea butter massage and a warm oil treatment, followed by warm towels. 

“A lot of people have been booking that one online,” Reed said. “We’ve ordered everything from fresh lemon slices, chrysanthemum, [and] rose petals. We definitely want to let people know that their health, their self-care, their relaxation, that’s top priority at House of Nailz.”

They plan to add services and Reed described the 330-square-foot space as “intimate,” “personal” and “innovative and fun.”

“We want people to know that when they’re there, Nailz is more about an experience.,” she added.

The owners confronted unique challenges starting out because of the pandemic.

“We’ve had to submit business licenses, we had to buy furniture, we’ve had to buy supplies – all while this was going on,” she said. “We’ve had to go about this very strategically and safely because we’ve had to be out in stores and in different business offices and places trying to get the business together while still in quarantine.” 

Reed admitted feelings of apprehension and concern opening .

“It was hard, definitely, to put the business together because on one hand we’re like, ‘Are people even going to come? Are we going to be able to do this? Are nails going to become obsolete because people are too scared to sit across from one another?’” Reed said.

“But then at the same time,” she continued, “we are under strict, strict sanitation guidelines and we just are so secure in how much safety we can provide people that we kept pushing forward.”

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends nail salon workers wash hands before and after working clients; wearing disposable gloves and throwing them away immediately after use; cleaning and disinfecting tools, foot basins, and spas after each client; and wearing dust masks with filtering face pieces, like N95s, to protect them from breathing in harmful gases, vapors, and dusts.

“A nail salon is actually a very safe business to go to during a time like this because we operate with hospital-grade disinfectant,” Reed said, calling it “second safest place you can go” outside of hospitals.

House of Nailz has implemented various safety measures.

They include a maximum of six people in the salon –three technicians and three guests; requiring all personnel and guests to wear facial covering; asking them to only necessary items such as keys, phone and wallet – and to wash their hands.

If any guests do not follow the rules, their appointment will be canceled and they will be charged. “We are really enforcing strict safety and social distancing guidelines for the salon,” Reed emphasized.

“The main concern from our standpoint and from the client’s standpoint is that everybody just wants to feel safe, and everyone just wants to feel like they can do things that bring them a sense of normalcy safely,” she said. 

“It will be a different experience, no doubt, to get your nails done and have to sit there and talk through a face mask, but I think that it’ll still be a very positive experience,” Reed added. 

Information: 3533 N. 70th Street;