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A local lawmaker responded to concerns about fake signatures on arguments in the voter pamphlet issued in last year’s Scottsdale Unified budget override election.

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New campaign finance reports reveal that both sides in the Southbridge Two referendum fight shelled out large sums of money to spread their messages during the signature drive in December. 


The Scottsdale-based Thunderbird Field II Veterans Memorial nonprofit awarded its first Leadership Appreciation Award to Rudy R. Miller, who played a significant role in the organization’s efforts to support Arizona students in the aviation field.

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Shortly after the Committee for the Preservation for Old Town Scottsdale formed in November, the political action committee sent a letter to the city promising a fight if  City Council approved Southbridge Two and other projects it opposed in downtown.

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The Scottsdale City Council this week will consider a local rental company’s request to expand short-term rental uses at its downtown properties months after the proposal failed to gain traction with the city’s Planning Commission.

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Petitioners seeking to put the Southbridge Two development before voters turned in over 17,000 signatures in support of their referendum, well above the nearly 12,000 required by law.

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A Scottsdale resident today filed an ethics complaint with the city against Councilman Guy Phillips over his involvement in the anti-Southbridge Two referendum drive and anonymous donations made through a GoFundMe page set up to benefit him following a work-related injury.

Responsible drivers are following all the steps recommended by Scottsdale police to avoid collisions and arrests, but irresponsible motorists are more impaired than ever by a potent mix of alcohol and drugs.

Petitioners seeking to put the Southbridge Two development before voters crossed their first major hurdle on Friday, turning in over 17,000 signatures to the city in support of their referendum.

Following Scottsdale City Council’s narrow approval of the Southbridge Two redevelopment on Dec. 4, a local political action committee made good on its threat to continue fighting the project.

An Arizona cattle rancher wants to ensure anything sold to Arizonans as “meat’’ came from something with at least two legs, if not more.

When the federal government announced the opportunity zone program in 2018, its stated goal was clear: to bring investment into impoverished communities using tax incentives as a carrot to attract investors.