The Parada del Sol Rodeo Museum

The Parada del Sol Rodeo Museum will occupy the interior of the old Noriega Livery Stable and organizers hope to have it opened by next year.

A new museum is coming to Scottsdale. The City Council approved a lease agreement with the organization behind the annual Parada del Sol Rodeo to establish the Old Town Scottsdale Parada del Sol Rodeo Museum at the old Noriega Livery Stable.

The Progress first reported that the city was in negotiations with the rodeo for the space on Sept. 23.

The new museum will be home to local historical rodeo memorabilia and related events.

The memorabilia “will be mostly from Scottsdale and Arizona,” said Dave Alford, the rodeo’s general manager. “We will reach out to public to see if they have any photos from the parade or other things from their youth that public can use.”

The museum will also host events, including western music, cowboy poetry and open mic cowboy storytelling. The museum may also host Rodeo 101 classes, where visitors can learn more about rodeo basics and history, Alford said.

Visitors may even have the opportunity to meet and have photos taken with Alford’s son’s rodeo bull.

Alford said the museum will also work with other locals like Cavalliere Blacksmith Shop to “work together to do some events and show the way it was back in (the old days) in Scottsdale.”

“It will be a community center,” Alford said. “People can talk about the old days, and tourists can see a little bit of our western past.”

In lieu of yearly lease payments, which the city values at just over $15,000 per year for the space, the museum will be required to provide specific services and marketing value to the city.

The lease agreement requires the museum to provide 12 western or rodeo-themed events every year and remain open to the public 1,100 hours per year.

Alford said the museum’s hours will likely mimic the Scottsdale Historical Society’s hours at the Little Red Schoolhouse, which vary based on the season.

The museum at the Little Red School House is closed from June to August and open Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in September.

It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from October to May.

The lease requires the Parada Rodeo to make the space available to community groups and the city year-round in the evening and during the day during summer months.

The name itself, the Old Town Scottsdale Parada del Sol Rodeo Museum, is also part of the agreement.

The museum is also required to provide a range of marketing services to the city, including social media posts, displaying city materials at the museum and prominently including the City of Scottsdale on promotional materials and advertising.

“There is a public purpose for the establishment of a Scottsdale Rodeo Museum honoring the contributions of Parada Rodeo to the city of Scottsdale and the city’s waiver of the rental fee for the space, in return for the volunteer hours, and the marketing and promotional benefits required under the agreement which provide direct consideration substantially equal to, or above, the city’s expenditures and fair market value of the space,” according to a City Council memo.

Notably, the lease only covers the inside of the Noriega location.

The outside area of the stable has become a source of contention in recent months as the city moved to evict Scottsdale Horse and Carriage, the operator the city had contracted with to provide free stagecoach rides in the city.

Part of the contract allowed Scottsdale Horse and Carriage to use the outside area for storage for its stagecoach and it carriages, which it used to offer for-profit rides downtown.

Scottsdale Horse and Carriage owner Teri Todd has appealed the decision with the city and said she will likely have to stop providing carriage rides without use of the space.

However, both the city and Alford stated that the new rodeo museum had nothing to do with the decision to cancel the contract with the stagecoach provider.

“We encouraged the carriage rides and had nothing to do with them having to leave,” Alford said.

It is unclear what the city will do with the outside storage area at the stable in the future.