E-scooter company Lime

E-scooter company Lime announced in January that it was leaving the Arizona market.

Another e-scooter operator has left Scottsdale.

Lime, which had as many as 700 scooters in Scottsdale in 2019, announced it had completely pulled out of the Arizona market.

“As part of our path to profitability, Lime made the difficult decision to exit Arizona and focus our resources on markets allowing us to meet our ambitious goals for 2020,” the company said.

Lime did not rule out reentering the Arizona market in the future. 

“We’re grateful to our team members, riders, Juicers and communities who supported us throughout this journey. We appreciate our partnerships in Arizona and remain hopeful we can reintroduce Lime back into the community when the time is right.”

Arizona was not the only market to lose Lime scooters this year.

The company announced it was leaving a handful of markets around the world, including Atlanta, San Diego and San Antonio in the U.S.

Lime is the second operator to leave Scottsdale following Uber’s Jump scooters.

Five scooter companies – Bird, Lyft, Razor, Wheels and Spin – are still operating in the city.

Lime’s exit from the market could be those remaining providers’ gain as Lime was responsible for over half of the total scooter miles ridden in the city between Dec. 13, 2018, and April 14, 2019, according to a report released by the City of Scottsdale in fall 2019

All active scooter companies in the city logged 292,000 miles during this time span, with Lime accounting for 170,000 miles.

The report named Lime as the second-largest e-scooter operator in Scottsdale with 700 scooters, trailing only Bird’s 2,197 scooters.

Lime also had the most total rides at 134,700 – nearly half of the total scooter rides detailed in the report.

Lime was also the most frequent violator of city rules regulating scooter use.

From Dec. 2018 to July 2019, the city’s ScottsdaleEZ system received 419 reports of alleged violations of the ordinance – with 56 percent including complaints scooters were parked in prohibited areas.

The next largest complaint, accounting for 15 percent of the reports, was companies were violating a rule banning more than five scooters, from a single company, from staging adjacent to one another.

Lime was subject to 40 citations during the timeframe covered by the city’s report. Lyft had the second-most violations with 30.

Bird had just 10 violations despite having the most scooters in circulation.