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The one thing we do know about Hummingbird Cake is that it was first printed in Southern Living Magazine in 1978 and eventually became the most popular and requested recipe in the magazine’s history. What we don’t know about Hummingbird Cake, is how it got its name. 


With a name like Lush Burger, you have to go with a theme. “Make it sexy” adorns the waitstaff’s hats and the menu has quippy remarks throughout, showing the restaurant doesn’t take things too seriously. 


This summer I hope you have plenty of chances to get your grill on and cook up some good eats. Have you thought about firing up a big batch of meaty and flavorful country-style pork ribs? Those are the ones that are loaded with meat and virtually no bone.

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Prepared with tomatillo in pepita squash chile poblano, a touch of avocado for added creaminess and served with a juicy cut of pork — this mole verde dish sparks mouthwatering memories for Scottsdale resident Hector Soto.

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I know I’m a little late to the picnic. By now many of you own a Spiralizer, but pasta has always been my go-to dish. I never much thought about making noodles from zucchini. But a couple of cranks of a Spiralizer handle made me a believer.