Beard Papa

Beard Papa’s specializes in creating the world’s best cream puffs.

Why spend the day in the kitchen baking a batch of puffs sprinkled with powdered sugar and stuffed with a creamy, rich custard filling when you can pick up a dozen in a variety of flavors and fillings on the go instead?

And starting this weekend, sweet-toothers can do just that at the newly opened Beard Papa’s in Scottsdale.

Beard Papa’s is a renown fresh-and-natural-cream-puffs chain that picked the Scottsdale Quarter for its first foray into Arizona.

“The cream puffs are far from your traditional frozen puff found in the freezer aisle. The recipe is simply addicting,” said franchise spokesman Tucker Kaufman in a release.

Founded in Japan in 1999, Beard Papa’s started as a small bakery and quickly grew to more than 400 locations in 15 countries.

“From the high-quality ingredients used in the custard filling to the puff shells that are freshly baked throughout the day, the Beard Papa’s experience is unmatched,” Kaufman said.

The puffs are available in a wide variety of customizable delights.

Take, for instance, Beard Papa’s popular Oreo Cookie Crumble Éclair, dipped in white chocolate then covered with Oreo crumble.

Or, for those who crave even more chocolate, Beard Papa’s other fan-favorite is the Chocolate Fondant, a warm and moist chocolate cake with a core of rich, creamy chocolate filling.

“The product is unique in that there is nothing else like it on the market,” Kaufman said. “I’ve never met anyone that has tried Beard Papa’s that doesn’t crave it again the days following.”

Guests choose between eight cream puff shells: original, chocolate eclair, green tea eclair, strawberry eclair, honey butter eclair, Oreo cookie crumble eclair, dulce de leche eclair and crispy almond. 

They then choose an airy cream custard filling, with flavors ranging from classics, like vanilla, ice cream, strawberry, and chocolate, to more bolder flavors, like green tea, pumpkin, mango and mint chocolate.

The menu also boasts cheesecake, chocolate fondant and a blended drinks menu, including mango, strawberry and Oreo.

Beard Papa’s Scottsdale held its grand opening on Feb. 27, where various local influencers, as well as neighboring business owners, were scheduled to make appearances.

Information: 15147 N. Scottsdale Road,