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Time for Guy Phillips to resign, drop out of race

First, thank you, Mayor Lane, for your quick and sharp statement condemning Guy Phillips’ outrageous actions this morning.

With a Confederate Flag in the foreground and hoots and hollers of approval from an equally bigoted crowd, Phillips had the audacity to mock the dying words of George Floyd while standing on the Civic Center grounds. National television audiences will watch tonight. 

Once again Scottsdale will be shamed on the global stage.   

It is time for Guy Phillips to step down from our City Council – withdraw his candidacy and resign from office.  

It is also time for Phillips’ running mate, Bob Littlefield, to step forward. Throughout their careers, Phillips and Littlefield have been tied tightly to each other.

They run on joint tickets. They opposed bonds. They voted in sync. They share homophobic jokes with each other. They’re a team. 

Littlefield wants us to choose him to be the city leader.  His next steps concerning Phillips will tell us what kind of leader Littlefield will be.

Phillips’ litany of misdeeds is undeniable:   

• Homophobic jokes about stoning gay men (shared with Littlefield);

• Outlandish claims that global warming is a concocted hoax;

• Racist statements about Asians (for which he quickly apologized);

• Xenophobic claims about Jewish Globalists stealing from U.S. business;

• Anti-science demands that COVID 19 is a farce;

• Using City assets to promote his campaign rally (city email system)

This morning it was determined that donations to his campaign fund are run through the PayPal account of “Budget Mechanical, LLC” – his business. 

And we thought that would be the worst, but no. 

Phillips topped all that off at 10:45 a.m. by mocking George Floyd.  “I can’t breathe,” he said to the laughs and applause of his bigoted nation.

“I can’t breathe” he shouted while the Confederate Flag holder waved it wildly.  

If Littlefield does not join in the call for Phillips to step down, Littlefield is equally complicit. The same challenge must be made of every elected official and candidate.  

No one holding office or running for office can stand quietly by.  Silence is complicity.   Silence condones racism. 

Phillips must go. And those who support Phillips through silence must also go with him. 

-Mike Norton


‘Shocked and saddened’ by anti-mask protest

I am shocked and saddened at what I have seen in Scottsdale today.  The “unmask” demonstration is an offense to my very being.  

The ridicule of the death of George Floyd at the hands of an out of control policeman is inexcusable. Seeing a Confederate flag in front of our City Hall is appalling.  

What makes it even worse?  It was organized by a sitting City Council member. 

 I know I speak for the vast majority of Scottsdale residents that we will not condone this type of behavior.  

It was just reported that Arizona has the highest test positivity rate in the United States for COVID-19.

I value human life.  I believe the primary responsibility of government is to keep us safe.  With the spike of COVID-19 victims flooding our hospital emergency rooms, hospital beds and ICU beds are in short supply. We are also low on hospital staff.  

The requirement by our mayor and Maricopa County to wear a mask when in public is perfectly reasonable and in our best interest.  Studies have shown this is very effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  

 What do the people who attended this rally stand for? Do they believe it is their right to put us all at risk because they don’t want anyone telling them what to do? 

Let’s show some common sense. I say grow up, start thinking about the rest of us.

I believe in equality for all. I believe that the Black Lives Matter movement will usher in changes that are long overdue. 

 I hope the changes go far enough to level the playing field for African Americans.  

I also applaud the vote by the Supreme Court to uphold the rights of LGBTQ in the workplace. It is a step in the right direction.  

The Dreamers are a valuable part of our society and they know just how lucky we are to live in America.

What happened today exposed the dark underbelly of our community. Let us work together to show that this is not who we are, it does not define us as a people.  

We are better than this. We are Scottsdale.

-Betty Janik


I will not participate in economy’s reopening

Gov. Ducey,

I have extensive experience in analyzing technical data for risk analysis for semiconductor manufacturing this data does not show significant correlation between the increase in COVID-19 cases and increased testing.

 The uptick in the confirmed cases and fatalities appears to represent a real increase beginning on or about May 28. 

As an Arizona senior citizen, I understand the desire to reopen the economy, but I note two very serious issues.  

First, the lack of a mandatorily requirement for face masks for everyone in business reopening.  Second, there is no process in place to verify businesses and customers follow the recommendations to help prevent the spread of COVID19. I have seen stores, restraints and bars in Scottsdale and Phoenix packed without face covering and physical distancing. 

 In the absence if these protections, I for one, will not participate in the opening economy until a vaccine is available. 

I applaud the efforts to prepare regional hospitals for cases, but it appears to me that the current response does not address the root cause of the infection spread and at the exponential growth risk is worrisome.

 Finally, what is the state doing to pay homage to those Arizonans who have succumbed to the virus

-Gerald Lamb