Kelly’s at Southbridge

Kelly’s at Southbridge in Old Town is a NFC North and University of Washington Huskies bar.

Now that football season is in high gear, sports bars are quickly becoming many Scottsdale residents’ home away from home.

“Football season is definitely the ‘kickoff’ to our busy time. Summertime, as everyone knows in The Valley, is our ‘off’ season. Once football starts, we are in full-throttle,” said Kelly’s at SouthBridge lead bartender Ryan Bearden.

“Business definitely increases during football season,” Bearden said. 

 “The weather starts cooling down and between NCAA and NFL it makes for a time where people want to go out, meet friends, enjoy time together, watch not just their team but enjoy the action of teams they enjoy and despise,” he added.

Kelly’s is home to NFC North fans, including Bears, Packers, Lions, Vikings; it’s also the official University of Washington Huskies alumni bar.

“Between us hosting the NFC North for NFL and being a Washington Huskies college venue, it’s just good to see different people rooting for their respected teams and the friendly competitiveness it creates,” Bearden said. “It’s truly amazing to feel the energy that is created with both the NCAA and NFL.”

Kelly’s boasts more than 27 high-definition flat-screen TVs throughout the restaurant and bar. 

Patrons can even maximize their game-day experience with bottle service and a personal 55-inch TV in one of Kelly’s VIP lounges.

“We have such a unique venue with different ‘zones’ [that allow us to] offer a wide variety of games as well as sound for multiple games,” Bearden explained. “It’s almost like your home: You can go from room to room and watch whichever game of choice with sound paired with each game.”

In addition to drink specials, many Scottsdale eateries offer unique food specials.

Kelly’s, for example, will have $6 Wisconsin cheese curds, $6 Chicago dogs, $6 5-inch pepperoni pizzas and $9 crispy chicken sandwiches on the menu on Sundays.

And on Saturdays, Kelly’s will offer Washington Huskies hometown favorites, including $6 Seattle dogs with cream cheese and grilled onions, $8 poutine and $8 Dawg Pound burgers, which comes with a thin hamburger patty, lettuce, mayo, pickle relish, cheddar cheese and an orange wrapper.

Farther north, Proof, An American Canteen at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North has game day blitz specials, including the “Two Buck Bucket,” which has house-made chipotle caramel popcorn and candied bacon popcorn and barbecue seasoned house-made chips with Texas sweet onion dip. 

But as various restaurants and bars bulk up their menus and offer limited-time specials, Coach House isn’t changing one thing about its menu.

“We do not rely on football season for sales,” said General Manager Drew Hassler.

The southern Scottsdale bar scene staple is the exception during football season. 

Coach House attracts crowds throughout the holiday season and during spring training.

However, the iconic Old Town haunt knows just how important football season is to its customers. 

“Even though we aren’t a football bar,” Hassler said, “we are committed to providing the best experience for our customers.”

Coach House airs NFL Sunday Ticket as well as the Big 10 Network and the SEC Network for football fans.

Although Coach House doesn’t offer drink specials specifically for football season, it offers an omelet and Bloody Mary bar on weekend mornings, followed by a barbecue in the afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays — both of which are free.

“We invite all football fans to join us each week to root for their favorite teams,” Hassler said.

Check out various other Scottsdale bars’ football specials and their respective designated teams.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

Teams: Denver Broncos, Nebraska Cornhuskers

Specials: Broncos: $20 Bud Light buckets, $24 import buckets Estrella Jalisco, $5 Four Peaks, $60 Bud Light or Ultra trough (16 beers), $15 Fire Ball shot ski (3 shots), $6 Crown Apple; Cornhuskers: $4 red beer with Coors Light, $20 Coors Light and Miller Lite buckets, $24 import buckets Corona and Dos XX or Corona Premier, $60 Coors Light or Miller Lite trough, $15 Fireball shot ski, $8 Arizona Runza

Where: 4420 N. Saddlebag Trail

Phone: 480-945-4200


El Hefe

Team: Illinois Fighting Illini

Specials: NFL: $20 Bud Light buckets, $25 import buckets Estrella Jalisco, $5 Four Peaks, $60 Bud Light or Ultra trough, $60 White Claw trough (10 White Claws), $7 Cuervo Traditional Silver; Illinois: $4 Chief shots, $4 KAM’s Blue Guys drink, $7 Ice Bomb drink, $20 Coors Light and Miller Lite buckets, $25 import buckets Corona or Dos XX, $60 Coors Light or Miller Lite trough

Where: 4425 N. Saddlebag Trail, #101

Phone: 480-945-6200



Riot House

Teams: Los Angeles Chargers, Alabama Crimson Tide

Specials: Chargers: $20 Bud Light buckets, $25 import buckets Estrella Jalisco, $60 Bud Light or Ultra trough; Alabama: $20 Coors Light and Miller Lite buckets, $24 Import Buckets Corona and Dos XX or Corona Premier, $60 Coors Light or Miller Lite trough, $60 White Claw trough

Where: 4425 N. Saddlebag Trail, #105

Phone: 480-935-5910



Thirsty Lion Gastropub

Specials: $1 off Coors Light and Saint Archer on Saturdays, $1 off Bud Light and Four Peaks on Sundays; also offers new Bloody Mary’s (classic, Sriracha, wasabi and bacon) and four new mimosas (classic, passion fruit, blood orange and raspberry)

Where: 7014 E. Camelback Rd., #1423

Phone: 480-284-7292



Kelly’s at Southbridge

Teams: NFC North, University of Washington Huskies

Specials: Saturdays & Thursdays: $5 Peroni draft, $25 Peroni buckets (5 beers), $9 Rebel Yell old fashioned, $9 pearl mules, $7 Spark Plug (Patron XO), $5 Huskie shot; Sundays & Mondays: $4 Coors Light draft, $20 Coors Light buckets, $9 Cabana Fever, $9 Green Tea shots, $8 Absolut Drinks, $7 Spark Plugs

Where: 7117 E. Sixth Ave.

Phone: 480-393-3205


Social Tap

Team: New York Giants

Specials: $15 beer bucket specials, $15 bottomless mimosas, $8 Bloody Marys, complimentary Jell-O shot when Giants score

Where: 4312 N. Brown Ave.

Phone: 602-432-6719


The Hot Chick

Team: Arizona State University

Specials: 25-cent drafts one hour before kickoff of its promoted games, Pony Keg table service

Where: 4363 N. 75th St.

Phone: 480-550-7819


Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails

Team: University of Iowa Hawkeyes

Specials: $20 bottomless beer without entrée, $15 with entrée for Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football 

Where: 4420 N. Saddlebag Trail, #110

Phone: 480-970-5000


Coach House

Specials: $3 domestic bottles, $7 domestic pitcher, $5 well drinks (all specials offered year-round)

Where: 7011 E. Indian School Rd.

Phone: 480-990-3433


Proof, An American Canteen at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

Specials: $5 Proof Pilsner pints and a selection of cocktails, including a barrel-aged seasonal Negroni, an American Michelada, a Proof Manhattan and a Garage East Sonoran Spritz

Where: 10600 E. Crescent Moon Dr.

Phone: 480-513-5085