Matt’s Big Breakfast coming to Scottsdale

Matt’s Big Breakfast expands into the Scottsdale area for the first time this fall. Pictured is the downtown Phoenix location.

Scottsdale residents: no need to drive the longest 20 or 30 minutes of your life to get to the nearest Matt’s Big Breakfast come this fall.

The ever-popular breakfast joint will finally open in Scottsdale for the first time, located in what was once home to Foosia, a contemporary Asian eatery, on the southwest corner of Scottsdale and Thunderbird roads.

“We’re estimating late fall, hopefully in October, but it might be mid-November,” said owner Matt Pool.

The new location was teased on Matt’s Big Breakfast’s social media, including its Instagram page, for one week; and the destination was revealed on May 10.

Pool chose Scottsdale for two reasons: Not only is the new location more convenient for people in the Scottsdale area to get to, but the Thunderbird and Scottsdale roads area is where Pool once lived.

Pool moved to Scottsdale in 1979 from Missouri and lived on 69th Street before moving around to different neighborhoods in the area.

“It’s cool for us because Phoenix is this massive place, but [Scottsdale] is where I played little league. That’s kind of my own original backyard,” said Pool, who attended Desert Shadows Elementary School and Desert Shadows Middle School.

Pool chose the site for the soon-to-open Matt’s Big Breakfast because, for one, it was easy to access.

“You can access the space going north and south, which is really helpful; and you can see it very well whether you’re heading north or whether you’re heading south. So, it will be a great space for us,” he said.

The new restaurant will be four-times the size of the original location in downtown Phoenix that opened in 2004 — the red-brick, 800-square foot space — at approximately 2,400 square feet.

“Everything seems huge to me now,” Pool said with a laugh. “What’s really cool about this space is, unlike our Biltmore plaza space, it has a little patio. We need that for the waiting area because, otherwise, people will spill out onto the parking lot.”

Pool added that the patio increased the size of the restaurant by about two thirds, and the restaurant, as a whole, will seat more guests than the Tempe location, which opened in December 2016.

The patio will be shaded and will have misters in the summer and outdoor heaters in the winter months for year-round patio use.

“I, personally, am always surprised by how many people still eat outdoors when it’s hot in the summertime, especially for breakfast,” he said.

Pool searched for at least one year for the right space in Scottsdale, one that was far enough away from the Biltmore Plaza Shopping Center and Tempe locations.

“We wanted to it to be in a neighborhood because that’s how we built our clientele over the years. Some of the spaces further north in Scottsdale, even though the area’s beautiful and there are some nice spaces, we didn’t feel like there were enough people, enough families living in the immediate area; so, when this spot opened up, we had our eye on it,” Pool said. “It’s the ideal place.”

Pool didn’t choose the Old Town area because the area tends to slow down in the summer months.

“We need to be busy year round, and Old Town I think can be a little seasonal just because of spring training and baseball and all the tourists,” he said. “While those are great — we love to have those guests also — we think this might be better for us in terms of what we find in our other locations.”

The Scottsdale location will be Pool’s franchised location as well.

He said they considered expanding Matt’s Big Breakfast into other markets regionally, like in Las Vegas or Dallas, but it wasn’t until a local family, who were long-time fans of the restaurant, approached Pool with the idea of partnering up to open another location.

“We got a ton of inquiries, but we really only wanted to do it with the right partner,” he said. “We do things a little differently in that we’re a smaller operation and we’re very ingredient-focused and how we cook is a very specific way. So, it’s really important that you find somebody who’s a kindred spirit, who really has your same kind of values and vision for how you run a restaurant. We were fortunate enough to find somebody who’s a really great fit with us.”

Pool plans to open future franchised locations in the Valley — when the time’s right.

“Right now, our plan is to get the Scottsdale location open and hopefully that’s a home run, and then we’ll look at the next opportunity,” he said. “With our partner here, we have plans in place to open additional locations for sure, but nothing we’re ready to announce.”

While guests may notice minor stylistic differences from existing Matt’s restaurants, Pool assures that the new restaurant will maintain the same level of service and quality of food diners have come to expect.

“When you grow, you don’t want people to think, ‘They’re not going to be the same anymore.’ But, more often than not, we see people come in, especially long-time regulars, and they’re proud of us. They’re proud to see the local mom-and-pop restaurant and be able to grow,” he said.

Pool added: “We’re super grateful. We don’t take anything for granted.”

The new Matt’s Big Breakfast will be located at 13610 N. Scottsdale Rd., #1.