Buzzed Bull’s

Buzzed Bull’s extravagant milkshakes can come with or without alcohol.

When you think of milkshakes, your first thought probably doesn’t center on how they’re made. But when it comes to Buzzed Bull Creamery, the ingredients are worth noting – especially if you’re looking for a “grown-up” treat.

Buzzed Bull is a premium, made-to-order, alcoholic and non-alcoholic frozen dessert and coffee shop. Its newest location at Scottsdale Waterfront, 7135 E. Camelback Road, is set to open sometime soon.

Indeed, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 27, it’s holding on-site interviews for sales positions, with a wide range of responsibilities that include “preparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic ice cream in mixers with liquid nitrogen according to customers’ orders." More information is at

Employees will have a chance to be part of a new wave in beverages.

“We intend to reinvent a familiar yet unique frozen dessert,” owner Jay Shah said. “We use liquid nitrogen and that gives us the ability to create small-batch ice creams tailored specifically to what the customer wants. It also gives us a better-tasting product because of how quickly it freezes the ingredients.”

Shah and his wife, Nilam, have opened other businesses, but this is their first endeavor in the food industry. 

“The idea for this concept was born out of deep consideration of an untapped market. With the high temperatures in Arizona, combining alcohol and ice cream into a tasty, cold treat fueled the dedication to our shop,” Shah said.

The first Buzzed Bull opened in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2017. The founders are Colten Mounce, his wife Kaitlyn and brother Shane, and friends Keith and Amber Ayers. The Mounces came up with the idea while living in Florida years ago.

Buzzed Bull specializes in alcohol-infused ice cream. Shah said they use a liquid nitrogen cooling process to freeze flavors, mix-ins, the ice cream base and suggested alcohol.

“We have fan favorites that consist of preselected ingredients along with a suggested buzz, or customers can build their own from choosing their mix-ins: chocolate chips, pecans, snickers, brownie bites, cookie dough, etc.,” Shah said. 

Once the flavors are chosen, guests can add alcohol, and the mixing bowl is placed on the mixer.

Then, liquid nitrogen is added to the bowl through extensive piping, and the ice cream/milkshake is formed right in front of the customer.

The Buzzed Bull Margarita (with various flavors), Honey Bourbon Pecan and Death by Chocolate (brownies, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce and chocolate vodka) are three of the most popular flavors. 

“We have a Dreamsicle flavor that has orange, cake batter, waffle cone pieces, whipped cream and orange vodka, and it tastes exactly like the Creamsicle from our childhood,” Shah said.

Buzzed Bull is a family-friendly venue, which means that all creations can be made without alcohol. 

Younger guests (or those not looking for a boozy concoction) can choose from classic flavors like chocolate or vanilla or go with fruit or candy-based ice cream. There are over 15 mix-ins to add, as well. 

Buzzed Bull also has ice cream “flights,” with four preselected flavors that are new and not on the menu. 

“These will change monthly, and the flavors all have a suggested buzz which pairs, we think, excellently,” Shah said. 

On the drink side of things, there is an espresso and coffee bar available and made from fresh, whole bean coffee.

“If you order it the Buzzed Bull Way, we use the steamed ice cream base as the cream,” Shah said. “We also offer latte drinks which include ice cream base and mix-ins as well as a suggested buzz. 

“One of my favorites is Hard Apple Pie, which includes espresso, steamed ice cream base, caramel, apple pie mix and apple pie moonshine for the buzz!” 

There are currently seven open locations, with 21 more set to open in the future.

“Scottsdale Waterfront is a perfect location for customers who are shopping at Fashion Square, walking around Old Town, or after dinner at a tasty restaurant nearby,” Shah said. “We can’t wait to open and provide customers with great service and a great product to make their day.”

The Shahs plan to open multiple locations in Arizona and will offer specials and a loyalty card for returning guests.