Zinqué is a French bistro

Zinqué is a French bistro, café, and wine bar created by acclaimed entrepreneur and restaurateur, Emmanuel Dossetti.

A small piece of Paris will soon settle into Scottsdale by way of Zinqué, a European-inspired bistro, café and wine bar.

Expected to open early December at Scottsdale Fashion Square’s luxury wing, Zinqué originated in Venice, California in 2012, and over the years expanded throughout the state, with locations now in West Hollywood, Newport Beach, Downtown Los Angeles and the Little Italy neighborhood of Downtown San Diego.

Scottsdale marks Zinqué’s first location in Arizona.

“We are excited to select Scottsdale as our first location outside of California and offer a day-to-night experience at our European-style eatery,” said co-founder Emmanuel Dossetti, a native of Marseille, France.

Co-Founder and Emmanuel’s wife Kristin Dossetti said Macerich, a real estate investment trust that owns Scottsdale Fashion Square, approached them with the idea of expanding into the Scottsdale area.

“We paid a few visits and honestly, we just fell in love with the unexpectedly vibrant food and wine culture there as well as all the really interesting and diverse folks and not to mention the great weather and beautiful athletic opportunities and all of the cultural activities that take place there,” Kristin said.

Zinqué offers both European-style cuisine and a 2,930-square-foot, industrial-designed space inspired by the South of France, Italy and Spain in which patrons can sip a cup of coffee in the early morning or a glass of rosé during happy hour.

While largely inspired by Europe, the Scottsdale location will also have a few local touches.

In addition to the main dining room, a wine bar and a 620-square-foot semi-private dining and event space, Zinqué will have an elegant outdoor patio with a 30-foot-tall, 22-year-old oak tree from Valley-based Moon Valley Nursery. 

“Scottsdale has that indoor-outdoor lifestyle that’s really appealing to us,” Kristin said. “Obviously with such a beautiful space outdoors, we needed some kind of sun protection and rather than go for a traditional umbrella or awning, we thought, let’s look and see what there is in the local flora that might be a beautiful fit. We found that enormous, spectacular oak tree and thought, ‘This is it.’”

Zinqué was born out of Emmanuel’s desire to create a space emboding the spirit, sights and tastes of not just Paris, but of several Europe locales.

“We spend a bit of time in France and I did go to university in Paris. It’s hard for me to take one particular memorable time because I’ve got so many of them. But I think it would be sort of the overall [experience] of when you can just be walking down the street in the autumnal chill in Paris, bundled up with a scarf and some boots and a hat on and you catch a little vision as you walk past a little restaurant or cafe of people, warmly lit inside with a beautiful glass of wine and a tartine in front of them and you stop dead in your tracks and think, ‘I want to be a part of that,’” Kristin said. 

It’s this experience, this feeling the owners hope to recreate in all of their locations, including Scottsdale, for their guests. 

Kristin and Emmanuel fly overseas twice a year to visit family in France.

Each time they return to the states, they are brimming with new ideas for Zinqué.

“These trips are absolute gold in terms of the ideas, the food, the design, the music, the people. They’re all incredibly inspiring and we bring those directly back home and very often make additions to the menu. Our staff, they’re like, ‘Oh, they’re on holiday, wait until they come back,’” she said with a laugh.

For example, when they started Zinqué, the initial concept was a simple wine bar with cheese and charcuterie and maybe a couple of tartines.

“But after a few trips, we became convinced that people really, especially seasonally, wanted hot dishes. So, we brought back my mother-in-law’s recipe for soupe au pistou.”

Both her mother-in-law’s recipes as well as her grandmother-in-law’s recipes are featured on Zinqué’s menu.

Zinqué also overnight-ships bread from Poilâne Bakery in France three times a week. 

“It’s unlike any other bread,” Kristin said. “We were very inspired by a trip to a wine bar we made where they had this very bread, and we began carrying it.”

In addition to fresh bread, Zinqué also ships in craft coffee from La Colombe, world-renowned coffee roasters.

Zinqué serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late-night gatherings. 

On the menu, guests can choose from salads, sandwiches, bowls, steak, steak or moules frites, quiches, charcuterie and cheese plates, flatbreads and larger plates.

Zinqué most popular dish “by far,” according to Kristin, is Le Bowl, a $15 brown rice, avocado, arugula, comte, cilantro, and Sriracha bowl can be substituted with cauliflower rice and topped with chicken or frittata.

Other protein toppings include ahi tuna, smoked salmon, shrimp, grilled salmon, prosciutto and ratatouille.

“I personally like it with egg white frittata and ratatouille, which, the ratatouille is my mother-in-law’s recipe,” Kristin said. “We’ve been known to sell 200 a day of these.”

In addition to aperitifs and cocktails, like Aperol spritz, Lillet blanc and sangria, Zinqué emphasizes organic and sustainable wines.

“Many French wines just by virtue of the AOC [Appellation d’Origine Controlée] system have to be sustainable and/or organic just to follow the rules of where they’re cultivated. So, with our passion for French wine, it’s just a very – pun intended – natural extension of the fact that we carry French wine and we do have a lot of sustainable and organic wines,” Kristin said.

Kristin recommends ordering the Chateau Minuty rosé, priced at $17 per glass or $68 per bottle at Zinqué.

“We were married in those vineyards,” Kristin said. “We started carrying it because we have this nostalgic connection to it and really just loved it above all others, and now it is extremely popular.”

Zinqué was one of the first restaurants in North American to begin selling it, and they are now the No. 1 seller of Minuty, according to Kristin.

“We started carrying it before rosé was cool, if you will,” she said.