The Herb Box, owned by Susan Wilcox

The Herb Box, owned by Susan Wilcox, closed its DC Ranch location on May 2 and will open a new restaurant on Shea Boulevard in early June.

More than 25 years after she opened The Herb Box’s first location, Susan Wilcox is returning to her roots.

Originally opened at the Agua Caliente Shopping Center on 69th Street and Shea Boulevard in 1995, The Herb Box will relocate its northern Scottsdale restaurant this summer from DC Ranch to Shea Boulevard – just one complex over.

“Was it intentional? No. Serendipitous,” owner Wilcox said of the new location.

Slated to open in early June, The Herb Box’s new 6,000-square-foot space will boast a larger kitchen than the DC Ranch restaurant’s, as well as an expansive patio, a gourmet marketplace, ample indoor and outdoor seating and two private event spaces.

The new location will also serve as home to The Herb Box’s corporate office, housing the company’s multimillion dollar event planning and catering business, as well as house the company’s main catering kitchen.

“Our new location on Shea ... has a lot of personal meaning to me,” Wilcox said. “It feels like a homecoming, and I wanted to create an environment that conveys that same feeling — an inviting space where people instantly feel at home, comfortable and at ease.”

The Herb Box will open at 7 Thousand Shea, a space Wilcox has kept an eye on for a few years.

“I run in that neighborhood, and I’ve just been running and watching and running and watching. It’s just how my life operates,” Wilcox said.

Wilcox describes the new Herb Box as a “blending of the restaurant with the catering company,” meaning, the new location will have even more culinary offerings on the ever-changing menu.

“We’re going to have this really awesome gourmet deli case, and it’s going to have Arizona native grains and salads that are really fresh, fun, and unique. In that case, we’ll be changing throughout the season to what’s available as well. There’ll be hot soup and paninis and muffins,” Wilcox said.

As for the gourmet marketplace, patrons can shop signature menu items, as well as grab-and-go hot and cold dishes, handmade pastries, bottles of wine and seasonal products from local purveyors.

The new Shea location’s interior will feature a Southern aesthetic, incorporating lots of wainscoting, textured wallpapers and a soothing color palette.

Like the Old Town restaurant, the new Herb Box location will have two private event spaces. 

However, what sets the new location’s private dining rooms – dubbed the Thyme Room and the Sage Room — is they’ll each have their own private patio.

Both event spaces are available for booking now with capacity of up to 75 guests and flexible configurations based on group size. 

“It is the culmination of our extensive hospitality experience, and I can’t wait to welcome all of our amazing guests who have continued to support us throughout the years,” Wilcox said.

 The Herb Box began as a catering company inspired by Wilcox’s desire to offer high-end catering and exemplary client service. 

Since it opened 26 years ago, the company has expanded to include two restaurant concepts and a multi-million-dollar full-service catering and event planning business.

Wilcox decided to open a new Herb Box location not only because the catering company continues to expand, but also because they needed a larger kitchen.

“And I’m a sucker for retail environment, so I’m blending those two things together,” she said.

Owned by Denver-based DPC Companies, 7 Thousand Shea is a mixed-use 145,000 square foot development in Scottsdale.

Upgrades to 7 Thousand Shea started in 2018.

“They just got done renovating the center. It’s beautiful,” Wilcox said.

The Herb Box’s DC Ranch location’s last day of operation was May 2, in preparation for the opening of the new location at 7000 E. Shea Blvd. 

In addition to offering all current DC Ranch team members the opportunity to relocate with the restaurant, The Herb Box will be hiring for 20 positions at the new Shea location. 

Those interested in applying can send an email to

“It’s feels like home,” Wilcox said of the new restaurant. “We’re super excited.”