Scottsdale native and current resident Jennifer Hayes

Scottsdale native and current resident Jennifer Hayes is the founder and CEO of James Anthony Skincare.

The name for Jennifer Hayes’ skincare line, James Anthony Skincare, came to her in a dream.

After her late older brother, James Anthony Hayes, passed away in November 2016, she started her own skincare line, but she didn’t know what to call it.

“I wanted a name that described a product that takes care of you,” the Scottsdale native said. “My brother came to me in a dream and I was sitting there talking with him and ... he said, ‘Jen, I’m your big brother, and that’s all I ever wanted to do was take care of you. Why don’t you name it after me?’

“And I woke up and that’s how it all started.”

Founded in 2016, James Anthony Skincare currently comprises nine products and a derma roller tool - launched last week.

New to the collection is an acne kit product, which will launch this month, and two more launching later this year.

“For right now, we don’t want to say. It’s a surprise,” Hayes said of the latter new additions.

The James Anthony Skincare product line includes an eye cream, neck and décolleté cream, an SPF 35 primer, a toner, a serum, an a.m. cream, a face wash, a p.m. treatment and a mask. 

Products range in price from $28 for the face wash to $98 for the serum.

What sets Hayes’ skincare line apart is the peptides used in the products.

According to her website, these peptides are used in organ transplant operations to keep the organ alive from harvest to implantation. 

“No other skincare on the market has rights to use the peptides I use,” Hayes said. “I hold the rights to it.”

The products include a peptide to repair skin without the irritation and an enzyme release technology and allows for deeper skin penetration, leading to better results and less irritation.

“When I was learning about peptides, I came across this particular doctor who makes this peptide for organ transplant. I reached out to him and asked, ‘Can you put this into a skincare line?’ And we were able to do it,” Hayes said.

Her skincare line isn’t a white-label product line – meaning, she did not purchase cosmetics from a company, repackage it and sell it under her own name.

“When you buy a white label, you can’t change the formula. You buy it as-is, and they just literally slap a sticker on it showing it’s your product. I actually hired chemists and we developed this from scratch,” she said.

The products include 24 ingredients – all listed on its website, including vitamin D, white tea extract, rosehip oil, probiotics, retinol, ginger root extract, cocoglycerides and more.

“It takes a long time to perfect it,” Hayes said. “We also have two clinical studies on the backend to make sure what we are saying is true.”

James Anthony Skincare products are packaged in a facility in Texas and it was during her first visit there she had an eye-opening experience.

“There’s so much crap on the market, and people are paying $400 or $500 for a serum you could go and get at Walmart for $30. It’s the same stuff; it’s just packaged in a different container. And I saw this with my own eyes,” she said.

She had to sign a contract preventing her from revealing the names of the beauty products at that facility.

“When you’re buying that product, you’re paying for the container. You’re not paying for the stuff in it,” Hayes said.

Her two most popular products are her eye cream and her SPF primer, and the feedback she’s received most from customers is they like the products are fragrance-free and compatible with sensitive skin.

“When we made the eye cream, we asked a bunch of men and women, ‘What do you want in your eye cream?’ Obviously, anti-aging was No. 1., puffiness was No. 2, and No. 3 was dark under-eyes. So, we took all those needs and put it in one [cream],” she explained.

Hayes founded James Anthony Skincare because she’s dealt for years with rosacea and breakouts on her very sensitive skin.

Because she couldn’t find a product that worked well with her skin, she created her own.

“I was tired of spending money and also getting free products and saying it was going to do this or that — and it didn’t. And then, on top of it, because I had really sensitive skin and rosacea, even all the sensitive stuff on the market I couldn’t use. I would still have a reaction from it because it’s still misleading,” she said. 

After spending about two years working with several chemists to create the recipes and tweak and test the products, the James Anthony Skincare line was born.

Currently, most of her customers – mainly women between the ages of 50 and 70 – are Arizona-based, with the rest located out of state. 

Hayes’ goal is to increase the number of men using her products, as well as reach a younger demographic as young as 12.

“Young adults, they have a lot of imbalances in their skin because of lack of skincare, hormones, diet, all that,” she explained.

“And that’s where acne comes into play, and, a lot of times, people at that age will use products that really dry their skin out to get rid of the acne. Then, they hit [their] 20s and 30s, and they’re having premature aging because of what they did 10 years prior.” 

That’s where the soon-to-launch James Anthony Skincare acne kit comes into play.

The kit includes a face wash, moisturizer, and a retinol-based acne treatment.

“Anybody can use it,” Hayes said. “As long as you have skin, we want you to use it.”

In addition to launching three more products this year, her plans for 2020 also include hosting free in-home parties. 

“I would come in, and I would explain all the products, do a demonstration, do a skin analysis, and educate people on James Anthony,” Hayes explained.

And as she continues to manage and grow her skincare line, she knows her brother is with her every step of the way.

“That’s what motivates me every day,” she said. “There’s times where I’m like, ‘Wow, this is way too much. I can’t do this on my own.’ But I keep pushing because I want my brother’s name to live on forever,” Jennifer said.