RenovationsMOD, Shannon and Bret Cleary

Shannon and Bret Cleary are ready to open their doors to people who want to check out their renovated home next Sunday.

It’s hard to miss Peaceful Valley residents Bret and Shannon Cleary’s newly renovated home: Just look for the historic Hallcraft home with the turquoise door – and, inside, a striking turquoise couch to match.

And after one year of renovations, the Clearys are ready to show off all their hard work during the fourth annual RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour.

The tour takes place Sunday, Nov. 18 and takes participants on a self-guided tour to some of the most inspiring homes in southern Scottsdale.

Originally built in 1955, the Clearys’ Hallcraft home has a wildly different, more modern design.

“We ripped it down to four walls,” Shannon said. “There was nothing standing but the shell of the house.”

The Clearys converted the three-bedroom home into a two-bedroom home. They also elevated the ceiling and added a bank of small windows along the top of the living room for more natural lighting, among other renovations.

It was a major, intensive project – so it helps that Shannon has 34 years of interior design experience under her belt.

“Shannon was very intimate with everything,” Bret said. “No only did she do the aesthetics element – with my help, I get some credit – but she did all the construction drawings, which was great.”

The final product is Shannon and Bret’s retirement home.

“We wanted to have ease of care,” Shannon said. “We wanted to have something that didn’t have wasted space.”

The Clearys’ home is one of seven homes featured on the RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour, which also includes a Ralph Haver home and a home in the Vista neighborhood

“There’s so much character, and it’s the soul that is really important in these houses,” said Dana Close, producer of the RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour. “Anybody can hire an expensive interior designer and build a box that has cool stuff in it, but it doesn’t hit that soul of when a family has built this thing for themselves, and it really shows in this particular tour.”

All the homes featured on the tour were renovated by the owners, many of whom have roots in south Scottsdale – like the Clearys.

“There are people who are buying homes in Peaceful Valley from their parents,” Close said. “They grew up in the house, they moved away, they went on and did things, and then they came back, bought the house, and they’re renovating that because they want to come back.”

Close added that she’s seen a resurgence of people moving back to southern Scottsdale to be closer to Old Town.

Shannon, for one, is excited to see the area get the attention.

“Everything had been moving north for years and years and years, and I just love that this area is coming back,” Shannon said.

The RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour typically attracts Scottsdale residents who are interested in architectural design and are seeking inspiration for their own home renovation.

“It really opens people’s eyes to seeing these diamonds in the rough,” Close said. “They’re seeing this resurgence in these interesting neighborhoods.”

As a way to give back, a portion of the proceeds from the RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour will go to the Scottsdale Fire Fighters Charities nonprofit organization and will be used exclusively in the Scottsdale community.

“Our organization is unlike other charitable groups. It’s probably modest compared to some of the bigger organizations, but our size allows us to help those who may have fallen through the cracks between the larger charity organizations,” said Fire Captain Pete Tocco, director of Scottsdale Fire Fighters Charities.

The RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour has partnered with Scottsdale Fire Fighters Charities for three years.

“They do way more in Scottsdale than people have any idea about,” Close said.

Tocco added: “As firefighters, we know how important response times are in cases of emergencies. Our charity works in much the same way. We are able to provide help quickly when people really need it.”

New to the tour is its partnership with Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa.

Registration on the day of the event will be held at Andaz, and artists from Cattle Track Arts & Preservation will be present, displaying their art work.

“This year, we’re continuing with the art emphasis on Scottsdale art because it is so popular for people,” Close said.

Several of the homes on the tour have an extensive art collection, as well.

In the end, the home tour highlights and celebrates mid-century architecture unique to the southern part of Scottsdale, but Close’s favorite aspect of the tour?

“The people,” she said. “They’re so creative, and they’re so community minded. I love that they support the [Scottsdale] Charros and they support the Scottsdale Historical Society. It makes our community rich.”

If you go

4th Annual RenovationsMOD Scottsdale Home Tour

When: Nov. 18; registration starts at 10:30 a.m., homes open at 11 a.m.

Where: Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa, 6114 N. Scottsdale Road

Price: $25