Scottsdale Fisherman Teschler

"Teschler enjoyed the hobby so much, he would squeeze it into his busy schedule while in high school."

Northern Scottsdale resident Nick Teschler is an avid fisher, and he’s taking that passion to give back to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix (BGCMP).

When Teschler’s family moved to northern Phoenix, they would spend their summers fishing at Arrowhead Lakes.

“Before my mom had to work, I would always have her just drop me off to the Lakes while she was at work, and then me and my friends would fish all day and get picked up on her way home from work,” he recalled.

Teschler enjoyed the hobby so much, he would squeeze it into his busy schedule while in high school.

“Every day after school, I’d go to basketball practice, come home and fish some more,” he said.

Now, as a BGCMP Connect board member – he joined the board because his mother, Kimberly McWaters, was and still is on the executive board – Teschler is hosting the first annual FishIn48 Bass Derby on May 18 at Lake Pleasant.

Proceeds from FishIn48 Bass Derby will benefit BGCMP and its programs.

Teschler anticipates raising $10,000, but if he is able to secure 125 boats and two to four more sponsors, he’s hopeful he can raise that amount to $15,000.

“The money that is raised goes to give them a safe environment, have them eat comfortably when some of them can’t even afford to have a meal at home,” he said. “Some of these kids’ only meals are the ones that they get in the Club, so it goes a long way.”

Team entry fees are $310.

FishIn48 Bass Derby will include a full day of fishing and a raffle.

Raffle prizes include dugout tickets and participation in batting practice at a Diamondbacks game, premier fishing gear, a day of fishing with the 2017 Toyota Angler of the Year, Brandon Palaniuk, and more.

Those who produce the highest combined weight of their five heaviest catches of the day will take home a $10,000 grand prize.

Kids from the BGCMP clubs will also get the opportunity to recreationally fish for about four hours alongside event participants at Pleasant Lake following the day.

“I hope that the anglers participating can see the positive impact that the money for these kids in these schools. A lot of people don’t understand that these kids come from nothing,” Teschler said.

Sponsorships opportunities range from $1,500 to $5,000, and in addition to signage and branding at the event, each sponsorship helps the Club members, as well.

The $1,500 sponsorship helps sponsor 60 kids’ one-month membership at the Club. The $2,500 sponsorship helps provide transportation for 100 kids to get to the Club. The $3,500 amount sponsors 35 kids play sports all year at the Club, and the $5,000 amount sponsors 10 kids for 10 weeks of summer camp.

According to Teschler, every $1 invested in BGCMP generates just over $18 in positive economic benefits to the community.

Teschler has been on the BGCMP Connect board for about nine years.

Growing up, he saw the impact BGCMP had on his mother, and he always knew he wanted to join the organization after graduating from Arizona State University.

“I remember – probably in middle school, even high school – every time around in the holidays, she would always be taking families out from the Boys and Girls Club taking them Christmas shopping. And I would see the impact it had on her,” he said. “I wanted to be a part of it.”

Teschler was the chairman of BGCMP’s annual golf tournament for seven years, but lessened his responsibilities with the golf tournament when he opened a new company, Revive Wellness & Rejuvenation, with “The Bachelorette” contestant Robert Graham.

When Teschler was able to dedicate more of his time to BGCMP, he wasn’t interested in hosting another golf tournament.

Instead, he turned to fishing.

“Everybody does golf tournaments,” Teschler said. “So I have taken what I’ve learned in the fishing industry and how the tournaments run … and ran with it.”

So far, he has received positive feedback regarding FishIn48 and is “optimistic that it’s going to be a great turnout.”

“Once these people are at the event and we’re able to give announcements and talk about what the money is going to do, it will be able to build and grow for the next year and we can do this event every year and keep it going for as long as we can,” Teschler said.

Those interested in becoming a sponsor can call Teschler at 602-750-7181.

If you go

FishIn48 Bass Derby

When: May 18, 5 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Lake Pleasant

Price: $310