Friendly Pines Camp

There are plenty of fun activities outdoors to keep kids engaged at Friendly Pines Camp.

Kids have missed out on a lot of these opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic and summer camp might give them a chance to catch up on some fun.

But, a website run by pediatricians, advises that parents considering camp this summer should ask some questions, whether it’s a just during the day or an overnight program. You’ll find answers on that site to these questions:

• How will the camp help children follow coronavirus safety rules?

• Will most activities be indoors or outside?

• Are there extra safety steps taken for sports camps?

• ​What happens if someone gets sick?

• Is there camp staff trained on the specific health needs of children?

• What kind of support is available for campers with special health care needs?

• How will campers move throughout the day at camp?

• How will snacks and meals work?

• What extra steps are being taken at overnight camps?

Your pediatrician can help you choose a camp that suits your child’s medical, emotional and behavioral needs while helping them have a healthy, positive experience, it advises.