Victor Blake

Victor Blake wants Bam Kazam to remind adults it’s okay to have fun. 

Although best known for the creation of the famous Escape the Room, Victor Blake has put his creativity on full display at his new creation – Bam Kazam. 

His 20,000-square-foot, 18-room facility is the first of its kind in the nation and gives guests the opportunity to feel as if they are the main character in a gaming experience. 

 “I felt like I was missing the physical challenge with Escape the Room,” Blake said. “Also, with the escape rooms there is one theme and one hour. Because of that, you can’t do anything too physical or get that weird.”

At Bam Kazam, guests have a myriad of games to compete in across their allotted two hours. 

Each game contains three levels and the levels often will take multiple tries to move on; Blake reported that it generally takes customers five to 10 tries to get past the first level on most games.

Some challenges are more physical while others test participants’ mental agility and others are a mixture of both. 

“The goal is to have two hours of physical activities, two hours of mental activities and two hours of a mix of both,” said Blake. 

As soon as guests pass a level, a door opens for them to move to the next level. But if guests fail at the second or third levels, they must start from the beginning. 

“Some of them are just as difficult, especially the more physical ones,” said Blake. 

Blake understands that the challenges can be difficult, so he allows guests to leave the game and move to another experience. 

“The goal of Bam Kazam is not to love every room,” said Blake. “The goal is to love some of them and maybe not like some of the others. Because the games are so short and they are unlimited to play, people can play as many other games as they please.” 

Blake opened next door to Octane Raceway and two doors away from Mavrix, which he admits were factors in his decision to put the first Bam Kazam in the Talking Stick Entertainment District. 

“I like this area because it’s becoming known as the Talking Stick Entertainment district,” Blake said. 

Blake believes Bam Kazam offers a different type of entertainment than what is offered throughout the state. 

“There’s passive entertainment and active entertainment. At some places, they will take you for a ride and it is the same experience for everyone whereas here the game depends on your actions and it is different every time,” Blake said. 

He also feels that this area is becoming an area for people to get out of their homes and make fun memories. 

“I think there’s something magical about getting away from screens and being with friends,” Blake said. 

While most of the rooms feature games that kids enjoy, Bam Kazam maintains a minimum age requirement of 14. 

“There’s not a lot of places that I would call ‘a safe space’ for adults,’” Blake said. “Adults need a space where they can play and be silly and I think this is one of the few places like that.” 

He also believes that the games are more fun if guests let their guard down and think like kids. 

“I find the people that enjoy this the most have to buy in a little,” Blake said. “If you jump into it and buy into it, everybody can do everything here.” 

Blake hopes that Bam Kazam will remind people that it is OK to have fun and that not everything in life is serious. 

“Life can be tough at times but it’s important to remember that not everything is serious,” he said. “I hope that people can make silly memories with their friends during their visit here and have that hero moment.”  

The rooms at Bam Kazam will change every month. 

Blake is currently constructing games that are two stories tall, plans to add new games and has plans to add a snack bar that will be hidden behind a large cardboard castle equipped with a mental, physical or mixed challenge for guests to access the snack bar.