Sleepy Teepee Scottsdale Dana Maciag Jaydan Ryan Carson Hunter

Scottsdale-based sleepover party business, Sleepy Teepee, is a family business owned by Dana Maciag, second from right. Also pictured are, left to right: daughter, Jaydan Maciag, 11; husband, Ryan Maciag; and sons Carson Maciag, 5, and Hunter Maciag, 6.

The only constant in life is change — well, that, and cluttered garages.

And none get quite as cluttered as northern Scottsdale resident Dana Maciag’s garage, but for good reason.

In 2018, Maciag founded her business Sleepy Teepee. In just one year’s time, she’s outgrown her Scottsdale home’s garage and recently rented out a storage unit to hold all of her teepees, linens, air mattresses, pillows and many other items needed to create her luxurious sleepover parties.

“We finally broke down and got a storage unit, which is right down the street from our house. It houses all of the outdoor stuff,” she said.

Sleepy Teepee started with Maciag planning her daughter’s 10th birthday party.

Her daughter, Jaydan Maciag, wanted a sleepover party, but Dana – a self-described “over-the-top party mom” – didn’t want to throw any ‘ole sleepover.

“I started going on Pinterest and Google looking for fun ideas to inspire me,” Dana recalled. “A couple of these companies popped up, but they were all in Europe and Australia. I did a huge search; I typed every keyword possible to try and find one here because I thought it was super cute — and there was nothing here.”

It was then Dana looked at her husband Ryan and uttered six, life-altering words: “I think I’m starting another business.”

An entrepreneur, Dana also runs a custom mural business, Kid Murals by Dana, which she founded nine years ago.

But when Sleepy Teepee quickly took off, Kids Murals took a backseat. 

Sleepy Teepee is a family business: Ryan’s mother is the seamstress behind the handmade pillows and teepee covers. 

Ryan, a former U.S. Army sniper and personal trainer, is the master craftsman behind the teepees and picnic tables. 

Dana is the crafting queen and interior decorating aficionado, bringing the Sleepy Teepee parties to life. 

“I love being creative,” Dana said. “It’s been great for our family and great for our marriage.”

Their three kids, Jaydan, 11, Carson Maciag, 5, and Hunter Maciag, 6, step in to help set up and tear down from time to time, as well as disinfect and organize on a weekly basis.

“I’m a former teacher, so the disinfecting level of it is huge and important to me,” Dana said.

“We try to do everything ourselves and it wasn’t until recently, since we’re so busy, we had to hire out to have somebody build the picnic tables and stuff,” Dana added. “But we do try to keep everything local, buy local wherever we can and support local.”

For example, their linens are professionally laundered by Scottsdale-based Ginny’s Wash House.

The Maciag family has been so busy, Dana recently hired an assistant to help alleviate her workload, in turn allowing Dana to spend more time creating custom murals.

Sleepy Teepee’s first two clients were on the same day — a family friend and a client who found them on Facebook — and “it just kind of blew up from there,” Dana said.

They now average four to five parties a weekend.

“It is busy. We don’t have a life,” Dana said with a laugh.

“There were only a couple other companies I could find [online], but there was nothing here in Phoenix; so, I was definitely the original,” she added.

Sleepy Teepee has 15 different sleepover themes for boys and girls, from Cabin Life and Magical Wizards (“Harry Potter”) to Mermaid, Magical Unicorn and their most popular theme, Dreamy Desert.

“I lived in Arizona my whole life and I loved cacti and that’s what Jaydan wanted. She wanted a cactus theme for her birthday. So, we built the tent,” said Dana, who was born and raised in Scottsdale and attended Chaparral High School with Ryan.

In a little less than two years, Sleepy Teepee’s offerings expanded and now also includes glamping for both kids and adults; a dining package for adults, add-ons like DIY craft kits, a movie night under the stars experience, picnic and tea parties.

For the sleepovers, every child gets his or her own teepee complete with decor. 

The Maciag family delivers, sets everything up and when the party is over the next day, takes down all of the teepees.

They also handle the laundry of all linen after it is collected and use hypoallergenic  detergent brands free of perfumes and dyes.

Four teepees are $450 and each additional is $50. 

Glamping, on the other hand, is $650 for up to six guests.

There’s also a $50 set-up and delivery fee added to every party.

Most of Sleepy Teepee’s clients are based in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Arcadia; but over the past six months, they’ve expanded into the East Valley, in cities such as Chandler and Gilbert.

“I do a lot of parties out there,” Dana said, adding their biggest source of leads comes from referrals. “Facebook and Instagram are quickly after.”

Currently, Sleepy Teepee’s clients are 80 percent children and 20 percent adults. 

“We’re mostly kids at this point. That’s what we started as; that’s what we branded ourselves as. And now we’re expanding,” Dana said.

This year, Dana hopes to add a couple new offerings to Sleepy Teepee’s already robust lineup, including DIY teepee parties for kids.

“Instead of paying for us to come out there, set it up, take it down, you’ll be able to pick up all the supplies and do it yourself,” Dana said. 

What Dana loves about Sleepy Teepee is it combines her two loves: teaching and creativity. 

“The teacher side of me misses teaching, so I still get to interact with kids and talk with them and see their smiles on their faces when we show up and they can help us set up. So, that’s fun, too,” said Dana, who taught first and second grade at Diamond Canyon School in Anthem for eight years.