Arizona Small Dog Rescue volunteers Leslie Tweeton and Cheryl Miller

Arizona Small Dog Rescue volunteers Leslie Tweeton and Cheryl Miller donated various items to the upcoming four-day fundraising yard sale.

For four days in a southern Scottsdale neighborhood, volunteers, neighbors and dog enthusiasts alike will gather for a super-sized yard sale benefiting Phoenix-based Arizona Small Dog Rescue.

All proceeds from the sale Dec. 5-8 will be matched up to $10,000 by an anonymous donor and supporter of the rescue.

“Arizona Small Dog Rescue stepped up and took the dogs other rescues were not,” the unnamed donor said. “That, to me, most certainly makes this shelter worthy of both my time and money.”

The yard sale will have everything from new and used wedding dresses, veils, designer handbags, jewelry, name-brand clothing, and holiday décor, to pet clothing, toys, and accessories; appliances, home furnishings, antiques, patio furniture and more. 

Rescue volunteer Audrey Cherami donated antique and vintage furniture, a guitar and amplifier, exercise equipment and household items.

“When I found out monies from this sale were going toward a goal to build a much-needed bigger facility, I was all in,” Cherami said.

The nonprofit, no-kill rescue shelter began as a foster-based rescue in 2006, it has feverishly raised money for its new facility. 

While it has not pinned down an exact location for the new facility, the nonprofit was eyeing the north Phoenix-Scottsdale area back in March. Currently, the facility is 7,000 square feet, indoor and outdoor space combined.

The new facility includes a maternity ward for bottle-fed pups and newborns, a space with outdoor runs to accommodate larger breeds, four meet-and-greet rooms, and a special wing for senior dogs who need the quiet.

“The new facility would have better accommodations for special needs like seniors, pregnant dogs and the like, and this was one action I could take to help them meet their goal,” said Cherami, who adopted a senior dog, Lily, from the shelter in 2014.

In addition to raising money for the new facility, the nonprofit saved more than 1,100 dogs last year is also raising funds to afford general operating costs.

The rescue’s spay/neuter costs were nearly $52,000, vaccinations were more than $13,000, basic vetting costs cost them $72,000, medical costs through June 2019 were nearly $75,000 and general operating costs at the shelter – including facility maintenance, staff, electric, cleaning, food and insurance – are approximately $10,000 per week.  

“I have watched their rescue efforts and am in awe of the dedication of their volunteers and fosters,” Cherami said. “They are a good group of folks. Their goal to expand is indicative of their dedication toward animal rescue, which is so important in the Valley.”

Many members of the Scottsdale Nextdoor communities will be in attendance, according to Leslie Tweeton, who volunteers her marketing and PR expertise to the nonprofit.

“I am so encouraged by the fantastic trajectory the rescue is on, and the future it means for dogs Valley-wide needing the kind of help we will provide with a larger facility,” she said. “The plans are amazing; we just need the capital to get there.”

Ever since the rescue caught word of the hefty donation, volunteers have been packing their respective SUVs and hauling their items to the house just off Chaparral Road and west of Granite Reef Road.

“I love this rescue,” volunteer Tammyra Hernandez said. “AZSDR has saved thousands of unwanted dogs and has facilitated finding forever homes for each one. The staff, volunteers and fosters are wonderful, selfless souls - working tirelessly to help dogs throughout the Valley. I love this family.”