Cactus League games at Scottsdale Stadium

Unlike in years past, fans will not be permitted to receive autographs from players during Cactus League games at Scottsdale Stadium this year due to safety precautions put in place due to COVID-19.

With the start of Spring Training, a limited number of baseball fans returned to Scottsdale Stadium for the first time since last March and were met with a new array of restrictions and safety precautions designed to combat the spread of COVID-19.

On Feb. 26 – two days before the San Francisco Giants played their first game of the Cactus league season in Scottsdale – the city released the safety plan for the stadium.

The city is limiting general seating to about 10 percent, or just over 1,000 fans – down from the stadium’s 11,730-fan maximum capacity.

The safety plan also allows for 170 fans per game in the right field Charro Lodge section, about 25 percent of the lodge’s 661-fan maximum capacity.

The plan shows that a substantial portion of the stadium will remain off limits, including the entire left field lawn seating area and pavilion and multiple sections in the outfield along the left and right foul lines.

Suites are not available for reservation.

All tickets will be sold in “pods” for groups of two to six people that are spaced throughout the stadium with at 6 feet between them in every direction.

Unlike the typical Spring Training atmosphere, fans will not be allowed to interact with players or request autographs from the stands.

Player areas, including the dugout and bullpen, will be separated from seating by a buffer zone that not accessible to fans or stadium staff.

“Event staff will stand on the fan side of the Buffer Zone throughout batting practice, removing ticket holders from the area who attempt to enter,” according to the safety plan.

All fans over the age of 2 and stadium staff will be required to wear masks unless they are actively eating or drinking.

Those that cannot wear a mask due to medical conditions will still be required to wear a full-size face shield. Half-face shields will not be allowed. 

Fans will also have to undergo limited health screening before entering the stadium, though a negative COVID-19 test is not required and staff will not be taking individuals’ temperatures prior to entry.

Fans planning to attend a game at Scottsdale Stadium will also be required to download the Health Pass by CLEAR screening app.

The app will ask users a series of questions concerning COVID-19, including their likelihood of recent exposure or if they are showing symptoms.

The app will provide green pass for those that pass the screening that must be shown to gain entry.

At the end of the game, the public address announcer will dismiss attendees by section to avoid crowding on stadium walkways and exits.