Devereux marks expanded dormitory for kids

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona celebrated the grand opening of its Residential Treatment Center’s new Marley Dormitory on July 10. In attendance were, from left to right, Bridget Gesser, architectural designer with Architectural Resource Team (ART); Erica Q. Quintana, principal, ART; Dev Pawar, principal, ART; Jamie J. Coffaro, multi-year grant manager, The Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation; Lane Barker, executive director, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona (Devereux Arizona); Yvette Jackson, assistant executive director, Devereux Arizona; Mimi Mertel, Mertel Foundation; Anne Jones, principal, Delta Construction; Brad Jones, president, Delta Construction; Bradley R. Jameson, director of finance and IT, Marley Management Corporation; and Toby Amir Fox, consultant, Office of Corporate Citizenship, Nationwide Insurance. (Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona/Special to the Progress)

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Arizona celebrated the opening of its residential treatment center’s new Marley Dormitory recently.

The 5,000-square-foot dormitory project at the north Scottsdale campus broke ground in April 2018 and was funded by a $1.25 million capital campaign.

Architectural Resource Team was the architect and Delta Construction was the general contractor on the new dorm, which expanded the 48-bed facility to accommodate up to 52 youths healing from severe abuse.

“This new dormitory will allow us to treat even more children while providing them with a comfortable and safe environment in which to heal,” said Lane Barker, executive director for Devereux Arizona.

“We were thrilled with the support from our longtime partners like Nationwide, and new friends through the Arizona Community Foundation that recently learned about our needs,” Barker said.

“We are fortunate that many local philanthropic people are taking great interest in the work we’re doing, and we are extremely grateful for all of these contributions,” he added.

The 10-acre campus offers kids 5-17 a place to live and attend school while receiving treatment for emotional, mental, behavioral and/or substance abuse challenges.

It is Arizona’s only facility providing children under 12 specialized programming in a safe, therapeutic environment where they can heal.

The residential treatment center was established in 1978 as a 32-bed center.

But with increasing demand, Devereux added two modular dorms to meet the growing needs of the community, in turn allowing 24-hour care to a total of 48 youths on campus.

“Our youth live, eat and attend school on campus. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded, safe and therapeutic experience for them while they recover from the traumas they’ve endured,” Barker said.

In June, four Devereux, including the northern Scottsdale facility, were recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for supporting and serving LGBTQ youth and families.

HRC, the largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the U.S., awarded Devereux Arizona and Devereux Florida its highest level of recognition for implementing “innovative approaches to LGBTQ inclusion.”

“Receiving confirmation that Devereux’s policies and practices are worthy of the HRC’s ‘stamp of approval’ is significant for us – and all of our LGBTQ stakeholders,” said Devereux Arizona Assistant Executive Director Yvette Jackson, co-chair of Devereux’s LGBTQ national committee.

Jackson said that achieving this recognition sends a clear message to the LGBTQ community that Devereux is a place where individuals can receive “culturally competent and compassionate care.”

“And that sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression will not limit access to equal, quality care,” Jackson continued. “This recognition also affirms Devereux’s commitment to diversity in hiring practices and supporting LGBTQ staff members.”

The Devereux Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit behavioral health organizations in the United States with centers in 12 states across the country and the Arizona component serves more than 6,000 individuals annually.