Tevin Terrell Favor

Tevin Terrell Favor

The owner of a Scottsdale gym was arrested after a local woman accused him of raping her in her apartment.

Tevin Terrell Favor was arrested early Sept. 23 at his Tempe home after the Scottsdale victim called police following the alleged incident.

The victim was taken to Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center and underwent a forensic exam. The exam noted there were signs of penetration, and the victim had abrasions at the base of her hairline on her neck and from her upper right shoulder down towards her spine, according to a police report.

Favor had an unexplained long horizontal scratch on the left side of his lower back, according to court documents.

The victim told police she met Favor over a week ago while she was at work and that he gave her his business card and said he owned a gym.

Favor owns BL8TN Gym, or Better Late Than Never, located near Sixth Avenue and Miller Road in downtown Scottsdale.

The victim stated she never called Favor, but he found her on Instagram and messaged her through the app, asking her why she did not call him.

They continued to communicate over Instagram and agreed to hang out for the first time along with some friends on the night before the alleged incident occurred.

According to court documents, Favor met the victim and a friend at the victim’s apartment, and they all went out to a party for a friend of his. A group from the party then went to a bar in Old Town Scottsdale, though the victim and her friend separated from the group to go to a different establishment.

The victim and her friend then took an Uber back to her apartment.     

She told the police that her friend fell asleep on the couch and she then received a call from Favor, telling her he was coming over to her apartment.

“When he arrived, he suggested they in her bedroom, so they didn’t wake up her friend on the couch,” according to court documents.

The victim told police that they sat on her bed and talked for a while and that at some point she laid down because she was tired.

That is when Favor forced off the victim’s pants and undergarments and raped her, she told police.

Her friend then came in the room, and she told her what had happened.

They told Favor to leave multiple times and he did not.

“Victim took her friends phone and called 911 hysterically crying and hid the phone under the pillow until police arrived,” the report said.

Police said Favor told police that they watched television on the couch with the victim’s friend and started kissing. He told police that they kissed and touched each other but nothing else occurred.

Favor was booked into Scottsdale City Jail and police collected biological evidence swabs to compare to the results of the victim’s exam.

A judge set Favor’s bond at $250,000 and ordered him to wear electronic monitoring equipment if released.