Mosaic Mountains

Scottsdale Public Art recently announced the completion of four public artworks. The installations include a custom terrazzo floor design in a new fire station and three temporary public artworks throughout south Scottsdale as part of the IN FLUX program.

For the IN FLUX program – which brings together art, economic development and property management organizations throughout metro Phoenix – a few local artists were commissioned to provide works: Nancy McIntosh, Daniel Moore and Rossitza Todorova. All of their installations will be on display through spring 2019 as part of IN FLUX Cycle 7.

Nancy McIntosh’s contribution, “Mosaic Mountains,” consists of two steel-framed pieces, each containing various shades of colored glass. Solar panels are attached to the top of each spire, which powers floodlights at the base of each spire.

“Living in Arizona, I am inspired by the color, pattern and design of the desert,” said McInitosh, who lives in Scottsdale. “Studying and observing my surroundings keeps me thinking up new patterns, designs and shapes for sculptures and other steel structures.”

“Ellipses” is a series of three monolithic, 8-foot-tall steel panels that represent the relationship between objects and space. “My interest in science, specifically astronomy and physics, has fueled my desire to represent this phenomenon in a static installation,” said artist Daniel Moore, who is based in Phoenix. “The attraction of objects to one another saturates our existence on physical, biological, social and emotional levels.”

Rossitza Todorova’s exhibit, “Pyramid III,” is a stainless-steel sculpture that represents the linear geometry in the shape of stacked pyramids. Based on the ancient symbol of a pyramid, Todorova’s artwork creates a new symbol that points up, down and internally. “I am thrilled to have my first public artwork on display,” Todorova, a Phoenix resident, said. “This IN FLUX project has given me the tools and confidence to work in public art – something I am looking to do more of in the future.”

The fourth project, commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art at Fire Station 613 (near the intersection of Jomax and Hayden Roads), includes a custom terrazzo design and glass enhancements by Daniel Martin Diaz and Amelia Poe of Tucson. Named “A Path in the Sun,” the terrazzo design is incorporated into 270 square feet of floor space in the lobby and entry corridor.

Diaz and Poe’s “A Path in the Sun” is embedded with native stone, recycled glass and mother of pearl. According to the designers, symbols in the design represent beauty, strength, wisdom and life.

“Our goal as artists was to celebrate this special ‘calling’ of these heroes among us through beautiful works of art that will enhance their environment and give them a sense of pride in the sacrifices they make on a daily basis for the well-being of the community,” artists Diaz and Poe said in a statement,

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