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The 2018 General Election in Scottsdale was full of surprises – from the overwhelming Proposition 420 victory to staggering voter turnout – but the biggest surprise might have been the bipartisan cooperation shown by the two leading vote getters in the City Council election.


Perhaps I’d been in the Valley a month when the phone rang at Scottsdale Progress headquarters. This was the spring of 1995.

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Despite multiple efforts made by the city and citizens over the past decade, Scottsdale has not updated its general plan in 17 years – a fact that could put the city in violation of state law, according to a veteran Arizona lawmaker.

Following a year marked by both unprecedented political engagement and extreme divisiveness, Scottsdale is heading into 2019 with a bevy of issues to address – including how to pay for much-needed infrastructure repairs, addressing community concerns over new development projects and restori…