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The 2018 General Election in Scottsdale was full of surprises – from the overwhelming Proposition 420 victory to staggering voter turnout – but the biggest surprise might have been the bipartisan cooperation shown by the two leading vote getters in the City Council election.


Perhaps I’d been in the Valley a month when the phone rang at Scottsdale Progress headquarters. This was the spring of 1995.

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The snow – or whatever it was – that blanketed northern Scottsdale in late February was a welcome departure from the norm for many residents, but the aberration posed serious safety and logistical problems for the city Public Works Department.

The owner of downtown retailer Scottsdale Jewels is one of several Valley merchants indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to the alleged sale of counterfeit Native American jewelry they claimed was genuine.

A proposed wash project in northern Scottsdale around the Loop 101 freeway would protect thousands of properties and critical city infrastructure in the event of a 100-year flood.