Citizens of Scottsdale are lucky to have an architect, Dave Ortega, to choose for our next mayor. Not many of us have worked with architects and are not really familiar with their approach and methodology.

The profession of architecture is intrinsically suited toward civic commitment. Through an architect’s college education, they develop a unique problem-solving methodology that is distinctive to architects.

Architects are agents for change, making their communities stronger. They are always considering the future to plan and prepare.

Qualities of architects that make them distinctively suited to hold public office include:

Inquisitive. They do not begin with assumptions to a question. Being advanced problem solvers, architects use through fact-finding and research.

Non-linear experience is obtained in the architect’s studio culture, which leads to the exploration of multiple paths concurrently to arrive at the best answers.

Open-minded. Again, as a result of the studio culture, architects involve others in problem-solving to learn from diverse experiences to solve the problem together.

Collaborative. An architect’s entire career is often spent collaborating with entities that have disparate and conflicting points of interest, which leads to the development of important mediation and facilitation skills with groups and individuals.

Holistic thinkers. Architects specialize in the integration and synthesis of many parts rather than concentrating on one fragment of an issue.

Architects are trained to put together teams of diverse individuals with competing agendas and interests, find common ground, draw up coordinated plans, and make dreams into reality.

-David Brotman