Team Engineer drawing graphic planning and meeting for architectural project on workplace

Success in Scottsdale is citizen-driven, which got us here today and will guide us into the future. 

All stakeholders, residents, businesses small and large, neighborhoods, educators, faith-based and community enthusiasts can help craft our vision, called the General Plan 2035. Together we will finalize the city you desire. 

Our General Plan is a long-range guide that reflects the community’s vision for how Scottsdale will evolve during the next 10 to 20 years. 

Arizona requires that cities adopt a comprehensive, long-range General Plan to guide the physical development of their community. 

State law also requires updates to adopted General Plans every 10 years. Voters last ratified Scottsdale’s existing General Plan in 2002 so it’s time for an update. 

Your ideas and comments are important because they direct how the community looks and feels, and how it will meet future needs. 

Our General Plan includes policies on things like design, land use, public services, open spaces, economics, neighborhood vitality and mobility.

 In all, there are eight chapters that address topics important to our citizens – Character and Lifestyle, Sustainability & Environment, Collaboration & Engagement, Community Wellbeing, Connectivity, Revitalization, Innovation & Prosperity, and Implementation. 

To review areas that interest you and see the General Plan’s progress so far, visit www. and search: general plan updates. 

We are gathering comments now. 

We want to hear from you. The City Council and I will host our first in a series of meetings on the draft General Plan beginning Feb. 9. 

This will be one of more than 30 different public presentations and discussions about the draft General Plan that will occur between now and the end of April. 

Presentations will be made and feedback gathered at board and commission meetings and at least four City Council meetings. 

The General Plan is comprehensive, and our public outreach process will be comprehensive as well – as part of that effort, the city will host at least 9 Community Online Open House Forums where citizens, stakeholders, and community groups can learn about the draft plan and publicly raise questions and concerns that will be included as the plan is shaped into its final draft form. 

An online portal where residents can offer input at any time will be part of the effort as well. 

As Mayor, I look forward to working with you, to create our plan and our future. 

Join with me and City Council to make sure the plan that goes before Scottsdale voters in November truly reflects the priorities and values of our community, and I am committed to that effort.