MERS virus, Meadle-East Respiratory Syndrome coronovirus

Mayor Lane is so out of touch with what his citizens wish that it is fortunate he is not up for re-election. 

Now we have to make sure the candidates running in November for mayor do not place their goals of having Scottsdale be just a place with wall to wall traffic and industry versus a safe and healthy lifestyle for its residents be the deciding factor.  

In your May 3 newspaper, Mayor Lane questioned Gov. Ducey’s decision to keep the citizens of Arizona as safe as possible (even that was done later than most states).    

Mayor Lane obviously does not care about the 70 percent of people who do want to social distance and don’t want a repeat of the high numbers by opening too soon.  

Mayor Lane has continued to allow heavy plane traffic into Scottsdale Airport from places like Chicago, New York, California and Florida – real hot spots – without any additional screenings. These visitors disappear into Scottsdale for a few hours, a few days – and now five of Scottsdale ZIP codes are in the top 10 ZIP codes in Maricopa County for the coronavirus.   

Scottsdale has only had to live with a stay-at-home order for a month; most of us will remember who protected us during this unusual time and frequent their businesses versus those who looked only after themselves.

-Linda  K.  Bliss