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New group avoids the voice of Scottsdale residents

Why is it those in the business community, like the Chamber of Commerce, professional real estate brokers and leadership trainers, think anyone beyond their sphere of employment, doesn’t have brain one to address problems in their community? 

It is insulting and it is tedious and gets old very quickly.

Then if you don’t agree with current electeds seeking higher office, you are a dweller of the “City of No,” otherwise known as “Stopsdale.”  “An old geezer.” “A crazy old fart.” “A boomer bottom feeder.”  

If you agree with those current candidates, especially for mayor, the Chamber of Commerce and this new group called SCOTT or Scottsdale Coalition of Today and Tomorrow, (Forget about yesterday, I guess) you might want to do your research. 

This new group is by invitation only and requires dues and states they are here to “educate more people about important issues in the city and enable them to get more involved.”

The last time I looked, one could get involved in solving problems and help educate the community by offering to serve on one of the many boards and commissions our city is required to have by state statutes. No dues to pay and you submit your name sans invitation. 

And the opportunities to work with all facets of our community is part of the process.

If you detect some of us are a bit perturbed, you are right. 

This group has jumped on a term all warm and fuzzy, but the issue is one boards and commissions have been working on for the last six or seven years with no help or input from the professional organizations involved with SCOTT.

You might notice there is something missing from the list of bullet points they claim to be focused on. Can you find it?

A permanent, positive voice for the city

Proactive on issues and leadership need to advance the city

Promote the city’s heritage, natural beauty & economic strengths.

Inclusive, representing a broad cross-section of businesses community and civic groups and geographic locations within Scottsdale.

Right. Missing is the voice of the residents, those of us who live here, who helped create the Scottsdale we have come to appreciate today. Everyone should be allowed to take part no invitations and no dues. And no prejudices in an election year.

- Nancy Cantor