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Political shenanigans,

misstatements of facts

I would like to set the record straight regarding misstatements of facts. Grossly overstating contributions from the business community to my campaign is misleading. 

Using a divisive political false narrative that creates the perception that accepting legal contributions is the equivalent of “buying votes” is a lie. If you must lie to get elected, you will most likely lie once elected.

Development is what created the Scottsdale we love. 

Winfield Scott, the founder of Scottsdale, was our original developer. Since Scottsdale’s incorporation in 1951, entrepreneurs, builders and investors have taken big risks to buy, design, invest, and build our master-planned communities, grocery stores, retail centers, multi-family housing, landmark buildings – and most likely your house. 

Builders and developers have built the dreams, producing the high quality of life we all enjoy.

This election is at a crossroads. As our city grows and we approach buildout, we face a pandemic with a disastrous chain reaction of negative economic consequences. We cannot afford to drive away high-quality investments, jobs, and opportunities by creating an environment hostile to the business community.

I face several opponents who run on platforms demonizing development. I support smart, compatible, balanced and quality growth that adheres to the myriad of area character plans, which are elements of the soon-to-be-updated General Plan. 

Their platform of us vs. them and rigid adherence to existing zoning in all scenarios is foolish, short-sighted, and harmful to our city’s future.

It is well-documented that I partnered with some of our city’s most notable investors for projects I am proud of. Development is, at its core, an incredibly complex and thoughtful process from start to finish. To imply otherwise is negligent leadership.

I believe our residents are brilliant and capable of understanding this, and when equipped with the facts, they can see through the politically motivated hysteria to recognize the quality economic opportunities presented to us to create the best future for our children and future generations.

I do not rely on political shenanigans and misstatements of facts dividing voters to gain support. I rely on transparency, real facts, and a strong history.

As a 42-year business owner, I am proud the business community believes in my candidacy enough to invest in my ideas

I have earned their respect because they know I will stand up against inappropriate development or bad business practices. I have a proven track record for putting everything on the line to fight for quality of life for residents, neighborhoods, and businesses.

 That is why I have broad support. In fact, as a voter I would seriously question why an entire segment of stakeholders has chosen not to invest in certain campaigns.

These recent accusations and inferences are made without merit and nothing more than an extension of divisive distractions used to build a political base for the people supporting no growth. There is no issue of influence buying votes when a candidate is supported by major job creators for our great city.

-Bill Crawford