Receiving letters

Kurland supports economic growth, infrastructure investment

I’m a corporate health plan manager with a career spanning 25+ years, and I’m excited to be voting for Eric Kurland this year. I’ve always been interested in candidates who will help businesses grow and bring high-quality, high-paying jobs to Arizona, and I am certain he will do just that.

Normally, people around here don’t associate Democrats with being business friendly, but Eric Kurland understands the importance of making our state a friendly environment for economic growth, and understands how that is done by investing in our infrastructure like public schools, public health, and public safety. 

Rather than working on behalf of special interests like many of our representatives have done, Eric will work for all of us. I’ve been impressed by his ability to connect with people across the political spectrum and have enjoyed his video conversations with Republican write-in candidate Joe Romack!

I encourage all of you to join me, a 30-year Scottsdale resident, in voting for Eric Kurland for the Arizona House of Representatives.

-Peter Cerchiara II

Becca Linnig deserves vote for City Council

Becca Linnig is a natural choice for one of your three votes for Scottsdale City Council.

She has been a resident of south Scottsdale for over 23 years and two of her three children were born at the Scottsdale Osborn hospital. 

 Her civic activity is extensive, especially in downtown Scottsdale. She has been a volunteer ambassador for over 20 years, greeting visitors downtown and directing them to restaurants, businesses and places of interest.

She also has served as a historic tour guide, reflecting on the heritage and history of Scottsdale.  And she has graduated from many of the city’s academies, fire, police, citizen and leadership.

 Other leadership roles included serving as president of the Scottsdale Area Realtors.

  Her knowledge, experience and commitment to Scottsdale runs deep. She would be a wonderful member of the Scottsdale City Council.

 Along with her support from the Police and Firefighters Associations and Scottsdale Realtors, she has the support of my wife and me.   

-Jim Bruner

Voters should consider these SUSD candidates

We have six candidates running for three positions on Scottsdale Unified Governing Board and four of them support all our students and families and will strengthen our district. Here’s why Julie Cieniawski, Rose Smith and Zach Lindsay have earned my vote.

Julie is a beloved retired teacher from the Desert Mountain community. She has long been a supporter of our students, teachers and programs at Desert Canyon Middle School. She has also been a leader of our local teachers association, helping build trust between our teachers and our district. In a state where we have a teacher shortage crisis, having a teacher on our school board has the potential to make our school a destination for the most qualified teachers and help retain the talented teachers we already have. 

Rose has worked at SUSD providing administrative support for secondary schools (middle and high school) and since retiring, has been a strong SUSD advocate and volunteer.  As a leader of the classified association, she helped strengthen employee whistleblower protection and helped discontinue unfair employment practices to support our lowest paid, but very essential workers, such as nutritional services, paraeducators, bus drivers, et al.  As a volunteer she’s at Scottsdale Parent Council meetings, public input meetings for hiring a new superintendent and has helped with SUSD’s override.

Zach works in the financial field and has been a dedicated SUSD advocate and volunteer at the district level and at his daughter’s local SUSD elementary school.  He has fought for Kiva to be a priority on the campus rebuild list. As an advocate for elementary students and families at Kiva, Cochise and throughout SUSD, he knows our concerns as parents and has the experience to help us get the results we need.

- Laura Weeshoff