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Kavanagh bullied SUSD board, insulted teachers


I watched the SUSD school board meeting on May 24, and while I really don’t want to overshadow the achievements of the students, I just had to write something about (Rep. John) Kavanagh's public comment. 

It was absolutely disgusting. 

First and foremost, Critical Race Theory is not taught in schools and is not on the board’s agenda. The whole purpose of his comment was pointless in the first place. 

But it made me mad that an elected official came to the school board meeting with the sole purpose to discredit the social justice movement and to gaslight people. 

The way that he described it too is a total discredit to our teachers, especially the social studies teachers. 

Kavanagh talks about this like all we do all day is sit in circles and label ourselves as “oppressed” or “oppressors” and then bully each other about it. 

It’s at times like these I hate titles. “State Representative Kavanagh” is a title, and so it carries some weight. But John Kavanagh has absolutely no right or credibility to be talking about what happens in the classroom because I’m not sure if he’s tried stepping into a history classroom in his 10 years “serving” our district. 

Rather, it’s us, the students and the teachers, that know what happens in the classroom. And it’s not at all the stuff he said. 

My teachers are extraordinarily compassionate and do their best to teach these subjects in a way that tries not to shield the injustices and violence, with an emphasis on the fact that what this country has done in many instances is wrong. 

But having a state representative equate the social justice movement to Marxism is so, so, so bigoted. These kinds of people want to teach “both sides” to racism. And then try to hide their racist beliefs by calling the thing that teaches about racism racist. It’s so twisted. 

In our schools, there is a majority of students who are accepting and understanding of all people from all walks of life, no matter what. But unfortunately, that’s not everyone. I’ve heard bullies say or do things that are shockingly racist or misogynistic or homophobic and then laugh it off like it’s nothing. That needs to change. The least we could do is have a state rep who’s not one of those bullies.

 Daniel Marchant, Desert Mountain High Class of 2021

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