Receiving letters

Former councilman, wife, make ballot picks

As 35-year residents of Scottsdale, we know all the candidates for mayor and council. 

 We want to be represented by individuals who bring civility, common sense, experience and relevant community involvement to council.  We believe this combination will inspire them to vote for what is best for Scottsdale.

We want to be represented by individuals who have been active in the community for a long time; been something more than a “single-issue” candidate; have leadership and policy making experience and financial understanding and experience.  

Our choice for Mayor is David Ortega and our choices for Council are Becca Lennig, John Little and Tammy Caputi.  Each of them has lived in and been committed to Scottsdale for decades.  

We believe we have an opportunity this election to vote for four individuals who have made Scottsdale their home for many years, who share our values and who have made commitments to our community where it matters most.

-David N. Smith and Diana M. Smith


Likes Cieniawski for SUSD Governing Board

Julie Cieniawski is the right choice for SUSD governing board member.  

Julie Cieniawski constantly looks for ways to bring people together, to find common ground, to explore and find practical methods for dealing with the problems that face all educators.  

She is honest, professional, and cares more about providing a high-quality, collaborative educational system built on the principles of respect and cooperation than anyone I have ever met. 

I have never known a person with greater dedication to and compassion for our state’s students and teachers than Julie nor anyone more suited to leading SUSD to its full capacity.  

-Ian Hammond Stephan, M.Ed.


Cieniawski a lifelong

learner, educator

Julie Cieniawski is the consummate lifelong learner and career educator. During the time we taught together in the SUSD Comprehensive Gifted Program at DCMS, she was a consistent leader and well-respected colleague. 

As the president of SEA, she led us through turbulent times – corrupt leadership and a statewide walkout were challenges she met with grace and strong leadership. At the heart of it all, though, Julie always stands for what is right for students and teachers. 

-Kelly O’Rourke


Ortega mimics proposals

of his opponent

David Ortega does not seem able to generate many ideas of his own. Lisa Borowsky proposes greater citizen involvement in Scottsdale government and a few weeks later Ortega proposes the same.  

Borowsky wants greater government accountability and a few weeks later, Ortega follows suit. 

Since Ortega seems to mostly mimic whatever Borowsky says, and if you like what Borowsky says, then you would be better off voting for the mayoral candidate with the actual ideas, rather than the talking mynah bird.

-Cheryl Pelletier


John Little supports small businesses

I’ve known John for over two decades. During that time. I have come to appreciate John’s deep commitment to small business. 

My company has been doing business in Scottsdale and the Valley for over 25 years. When we did our first big event in Scottsdale it was Scottsdale Fashion Week at the Waterfront. Needless to say, staging a full runway fashion show and lifestyle event on Marshall Way had never been done before and we really needed someone at City Hall who understood business and special events. 

John was amazing and still is. John knows how to create win/win outcomes and that is just one of his gifts. He is a good listener. He brings honesty and professionalism to every business deal. 

-Reed Glick 


Former PV Mayor Parker praises Little as leader

We need people who care about you as an individual and who care about our wonderful city.  John Little is that person.  

In the past, I have worked with John on issues involving Scottsdale, and he has always shown knowledge and compassion.  

We need healers, someone who would put Scottsdale first and someone who does not have a personal agenda.  These times were made for John Little.

-Vernon B. Parker, Scottsdale

resident and former Mayor,

Paradise Valley


Prop 208 another hardship for suffering businesses

It’s hard to describe how brutal the past many months have been on our businesses and so many others like them.   

So now to be asked, as Arizona’s Proposition 208 does, to double our income taxes if we are lucky to make the threshold amount, is like sparring Mike Tyson after running a marathon.   

Simply put, the largest tax increase in state history and this proposition are the most ill-timed economic proposals in our state’s history.   

I understand those who say public education has been shorted for years and it, like everyone else, has been hurt by recent conditions.  But do we suffocate the economy, now, to right this wrong? Of course not.   

Healthy small businesses mean more revenues for education. But take away their incentive to expand, employ and innovate?  Well, that’s a prescription for both the economy and education losing.  

The vast majority of people working with or for someone in small and medium sized businesses will see negative impacts if Proposition 208 passes.  If you take away, or so diminish the reward for good, smart work the incentive for doing so is gone.

We can help our economy to recover and public education to improve.  But Proposition 208 is not the way to do it. 

- Ann Siner