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Gen Z voters should not ignore local elections

This November many young activists, mostly members of Gen Z (those born between 1996 and 2015), will be voting for the first time. 

The demands of the Black Lives Matter movement are on our electoral conscience. While most of us agree that we need to vote Trump out to further our movement, we also should focus on local elections.

Local officials determine police funding, prisons, and enacting justice reform. These are key factors in furthering the demands of the BLM movement. If we want to keep our momentum we should look into electing local officials who support these demands.

Not only should we be focusing on local government positions, we should also be focusing on local ballot initiatives such as legalizing marijuana. 

By legalizing marijuana, we lower arrest rates for drug charges, something that disproportionately affects black and brown communities. This is key to the BLM movement.

If Gen Z wants to keep the momentum of our movement, we must focus on these local elections equally. We have the power to make a real change for a more equal and just future and the first way to do that is to vote in each and every election, local and federal.

-Emily Nishikimoto

Motorists should also heed bicyclists on the road

Thank you for the very interesting article about the woman losing her leg in a automobile-motorcycle accident. 

I feel badly about her injuries, but at least she is able to once again ride her motorcycle. In reference to the “Share the Road” needs and all, one other group that should also be kept in the loop are bicyclists. 

As an avid bicyclist who bike commutes to and from work just about every week day, and takes a longer both on- and off-road bike ride on weekends, I think that drivers should be very aware of the bicyclists on the streets and sidewalks.

Having said that, however, I generally feel very safe riding on the streets here near Old Town Scottsdale.

 For bicyclists to help keep things safer, I say that you should have your lights on when riding at night, obey the traffic laws when riding on the streets and use hand signals whenever possible. 

Doing these things takes a lot of pressure off of the drivers, and also makes riding safer for bicyclists. As the weather starts to get cooler (hopefully soon!), I hope to see more and more bicyclists riding on the streets here. It’s good for our bodies, and it’s good for the environment, too!


-Stuart Handley