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Our forefathers envisioned a democracy free of monarchy and separate from the church. This model served us well allowing us to overcome many challenges, highlighted best in our victory in WWII.

 We developed an education system with institutions of higher learning that are the envy to the world. 

However, we are at a new crossroad and must successfully navigate dangerous waters. Threats to our survival include global climate change, nuclear proliferation, pandemics, and more critically, the loss of our unity.

 If we don’t overcome this threat, we won’t survive the others. Contributing to our disunity are conspiracy theories based on racism and distrust. 

The Q-anon conspiracy is really an update of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This later work was originally composed to blame Jews for all evil, has been re-written to blame democrats and a deep state full of blood thirsty pedophiles.

 Social media has provided the means to spread this hate and it is working.

 Our president has not spoken out against this because, according to the Q-anon fable, he is the hero that will save us. We need to fight back with our votes against this penultimate “ugly American,” Donald Trump.-Steven Schild