We Need Leaders Who Can Meet the Moment

John Graham, Jackie Norton, and Adam Goodman

By John Graham, Jackie Norton, and Adam Goodman


Election season can be seen as a time of bitter divisiveness and partisanship. We choose to see it as an opportunity to move forward. This is a moment where we as voters, supporters, and Americans can take a step back from the noise and truly evaluate the challenges we collectively face - both in the short run and in the future. It’s important to take that step back from the noise of the campaigns to consider the simple question: Who are the leaders best qualified to solve the problems we face? In the contentious race to be the next State Senator from Legislative District 4, we believe that leader is veteran English teacher, 2016 Arizona teacher of the year, and two-year State Senator Christine Marsh.


Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Arizona are facing a challenging time and we’re not just referring to the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation. Arizona faces serious water challenges and crumbling infrastructure - including a pothole issue throughout our district. Christine Marsh voted to fix our roads, improve transportation in Maricopa County and invest in our water future.


Businesses are continuing to struggle to find the people they need to grow and succeed. Schools are still struggling to finance facilities’ upkeep and find qualified teachers to staff our classrooms, damaging our children and Arizona’s ability to recruit prospective employers. Christine Marsh knows first-hand what it takes to create a world-class education system for our Arizona students, leading to a vibrant state economy.


Women, families, and healthcare providers are facing increasing uncertainty and an unprecedented intrusion of the government into very personal decisions. Marsh has been clear that she respects patients’ privacy and believes that the government has no place in the decision process between a doctor and patient.


Our democratic processes face immediate threats from a very small but dangerous contingent of politicians at all levels who will deny the validity of any election where their chosen candidate is not victorious. Christine Marsh stood firm against these threats to our representative democracy.


Christine is the proud mother of a police officer and, despite some of the false attacks you may see, has championed public safety at the Legislature - even bringing Republicans and Democrats together to fight illegal fentanyl. She has stood strong to protect our firefighters and paramedics, and has earned their endorsement in this important race.


Whether it’s in the classroom or at the Arizona State Legislature, Christine Marsh has shown that she has the focus, temperament, and skill to bring people together from all viewpoints to solve problems. She does not allow ideology or her party to dictate what she does or how she votes. Instead, she listens to the people she represents and acts on their behalf. Christine Marsh has proven that she can deliver results for all of us. She is willing to have difficult conversations, compromise, and then act to move Arizona forward. Now more than ever, we need Christine Marsh in the Arizona State Senate. Please join us three Legislative District 4 voters in supporting her with the honor of your vote on or before November 8.


John Graham, Adam Goodman, and Jackie Norton are Legislative District 4 residents and Arizona business and community leaders.

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